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VisionLight got things started with his crystal art:

Here is one of my shots of table salt:

And here are some of frost patterns on a windowpane:

Here are some new shots that show the hexagonal crystal structure of frost on a windowpane:

SX30 at full optical zoom and infinite focus with Raynox 250 (Magnification approximately 1.2x). The crystal was approximately 1.3 mm across.

Here is a crystal with its two feet standing on the windowpane, wearing a hexagonal hat:

This is the top of a frost crystal growing up to about 1.5 mm above the windowpane:

(The foot of the crystal, touching the windowpane, is out of focus.)

This is a stack of 11 shots 0.2 mm apart of the same crystal (stacked with Zerene Stacker):

All of these frost crystals show portions of hexagons, and the intricate frost patterns all contain branches at approximately 60 degrees. Most often, the frost patterns look fairly triangular like pine trees, such as the first shot of this series. But sometimes, the patterns display swirls, departing from exact 60-degree angles, possibly because of air currents during crystal formation. Here is one such swirl:

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Besides enjoying the fabulous inherent beauty of your images, knowing the great degree of difficulty and dedication it takes to capture them, I also greatly appreciate your well practiced capabilities in this creative and tiny little field. And you don't even need the latest and greatest equipment to do so.

As usual Stephen, well done.


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