The thrill of photography

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The thrill of photography

What thrills you about photography today? What gets you excited and motivated?

What drives your photography passion?

Klaus dk
Klaus dk Veteran Member • Posts: 5,151
The thrill of portrait photography

I rediscovered photography when I was a portrait photographer's subject for a magazine (nothing fancy) three and a half years ago. Soon after, I had my first DSLR and studio strobes.

My main passion is portrait photography, both mastering the technique of lighting and composition, but even more important the contact with the model - how do I make the model relax in front of the camera, how do I guide the poses, what do we discuss to light the light in their eyes.

The power you hold as the photographer on one hand and the way you are at the model's mercy on the other fascinates me, because the whole balance is so delicate and the results depend on the photographers ability to strike that balance.

Furthermore it gives me the opportunity to meet and interact with people I would otherwise never have met, like these two:

As a newly appointed naval officer, Johan's workplace is potentially the whole world. He saw the old globe and asked me if he could hold it, the picture says it all.

Emilie is a smiling and good natured student. I saw her on her commute train from school and asked her if she would sit for me. During the session I asked her to show me an arrogant face. This is her reaction when I asked her how she felt she was doing.

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Dennis Forum Pro • Posts: 18,346
Re: The thrill of photography

Same thing as always - recording the amazing things I see.  From abstracts, to interesting or amusing scenes, to friends & family to things like this (my first time shooting ski jumping this past weekend):

- Dennis

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yardcoyote Forum Pro • Posts: 10,377
Re: The thrill of photography

Getting used to carrying a real camera again, after a long hiatus. Learning to handle a DSLR for the first time, and converting what I know about exposure from shooting film with an all manual SLR for 25+ years to the new technology.  Building a new stable of lenses and learning to understand each one intimately.

And, of course, trying to make interesting images of the weird and cool and beautiful things I see in the world around me.  That will never change.

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Richard Weisgrau Veteran Member • Posts: 3,530
Re: The thrill of photography

For me it is best summed up in the words of a friend of mine, Jay Maisel, the renown master of color photography. He said something to this effect: As a photographer I like to make photographs of things that people might have walked by an not seen. You can see some of his work here.

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mike703 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,697
Re: The thrill of photography

Buying new lenses that my wife doesn't know about.

Best wishes

57LowRider Veteran Member • Posts: 3,995
Re: The thrill of photography

The sheer liberation that modern cameras can afford; those of us that once knew ISO 400 as "fast" will know what I mean.

The impossible has become possible

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