A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: Leak confirmed on my A7 (1 photo)

exdeejjjaaaa wrote:

bigley Ling wrote: Hope sony comes up with an fix soon.

and that most probably will be just a rubber band w/ a cut for lens release button...

eh, I think for the price of the A7(r) the consumer would expect a little than just a rubber band to fix the issue. Suspect repairs at authorized Sony agents to replace the mount is the solution. A similar faulty issue occured when the NEX 5n was released where the mercury switch I believe was not damped enough so when capturing video any kind of fast panning would result in a clicking sound being recorded in the audio track. Issue was resolved by sending the camera to an agent for a free repair.

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Re: A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

I wonder, if light is getting in what about dust and moisture?

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Re: A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

Sony will fix the light leak non-issue with a hair band. The hair band will be supplied in a plastic bag which will serve as the advertised weather sealing. ;0) Which is just a smalle practical jike. Actually I should be crying concerning these problems we ar having. We don't get paid by Sony to be in this worldide test panel.

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Eleson Senior Member • Posts: 1,197
Show me an OVF camera that leaks less...

... using the exact same test criterias.

And no I'm not saying that there is no leak.

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Re: White orbs

neil holmes wrote:

captura wrote:


Re: White Orbs issue now on Sony A7?

- continued from "Problem with Sony A7, reflections on the sensor."


Fuji X10 issue re-visited?

Light leaks I think is very minor and probably applies to most cameras at the extremes people are going to find it.....dark room, 30seconds and iso 25600????

I guess it would not have been as visible on cameras that do not go to iso 25600 in the past...I suspect other cameras will start seeing this soon....when people look.

I find the white orb thing interesting on the other hand.....I have no idea on what causes it but I do think some of what people are seeing (not all) is the light with the orb may not be in focus.

Orbs are VERY easy to see with the A7 EVF with (say) a fast 50mm lens as you look at a light and focus in on it....my Canon 50 1.2L either side of focus has HUGE white globs that greatly diminish with focus....

I posted a video of a studio strobe and the A7R light leak.


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bigley Ling Veteran Member • Posts: 4,340
Re: Show me an OVF camera that leaks less...

Eleson wrote:

... using the exact same test criterias.

And no I'm not saying that there is no leak.

indeed, but then I just did the light leak test on my E-M1 and it too does not suffer from light leakage. I do not think it really matters if DSLRs have light leakage issues, and even if they did, the good ones came with a viewfinder cover or mechanical manual shutter to close off the OVF.

So now I can safely say my E-M1 and the Sony Nex 5r does not have light leakage issues.

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Deniz Mert ICOZ New Member • Posts: 1
Re: A7 No White Orbs issue?

Hi from Turkey,

We have some solutions about this problem and waiting for official solution announcment from SONY


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Re: White orbs

Hi to everyone.

Sorry to revamp an old thread,but i'm going to buy a Sony A7 or A7r with my preference going to the A7 and would like to have an update on the situation about this "white orbs" reflections in the A7 sensor...i see it in a big amount of pictures taken with A7 in flickr... the bug is not acceptable to me because i often shoot in very dim light with strong light sources inside the frame,so,there are any news by Sony? Should i better buy the 7R?



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