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Guy Parsons
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Berowra Heights is a northern fringe suburb of Sydney, Oz.

I did it the lazy way and took this a few minutes ago off my back deck. Once a year I might use a filter and this is the only one I seem to use, Dramatic Tone, to make those dull grey clouds look like they are about to do something interesting.....

View south-west from my house, actually looking towards the population centre of Sydney but well hidden behind those hills. That's tidal Berowra Creek that I see, sand flats at low tide. All National Park in view and maybe only some ridge development eventually, but mostly trees that will be there forever.

Good thread, many thanks to FrankS009 for starting it.

Regards..... Guy

[PS, just noticed that the camera went to f/11 and I didn't notice. That's the penalty of playing with filters and scene modes etc if being lazy and not watching the screen]

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Tom Shoebird Junior Member • Posts: 35
Frankfurt, good old germany?

Hi this a night view of Frankfiurt.

Decide by yourself if it is good 'old' germany  

In the last months two of the really old skyscrapers had been already removed from the skyline, 2 days ago the university tower was blasted away by 1 ton of TNT.

Best regards,


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DonnCath Regular Member • Posts: 209
Toronto, Canada

Little while ago...

Nuit Blanche, 2013

Unicorns exist, and they live in Toronto

mpresley Regular Member • Posts: 486
Re: North East Texas

A non-typical shot of North East Texas. This has been a pretty severe winter - I could find shots that are more what you might expect to see, but this is more recent...

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Not a pro, just a Granddad with to much camera gear

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agott123 Senior Member • Posts: 1,991
Buenos Aires

Old Harbour at dusk


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Couldn't help but make me feel ashamed to live in a land
Where justice is a game. From Bob Dylan's 'Hurricane'

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Joachim Gerstl
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Paul Amyes
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Western Australian wheatbelt

Storm clouds and

Seen Better Days - an abandoned farmhouse

A long hot summer

Wheat silos at night

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Hmmm, Showing an entire city with a photo is hard.


Adelaide in one shot.

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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 25,480

Good idea for a thread.

I've been to nice places but Antwerp is my home:

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Roel Hendrickx
lots of images:
my E-3 user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

cfh25 Senior Member • Posts: 1,070
Re: Severn Valley Railway

Thanks for this - brings back memories of when I lived in the Midlands. Subscribed to the original share offering when the SVR restoration company was being set up in late '60s

Sergey_Green Forum Pro • Posts: 10,720

Paul Amyes wrote:

These are fantastic images!

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- sergey

Sergey_Green Forum Pro • Posts: 10,720
From some time back ..

Vienna, Austria

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- sergey

Dave Sanders Senior Member • Posts: 2,483
Vancouver, British Columbia

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Dave Sanders

KwhyChang Veteran Member • Posts: 5,160
Re: Berkeley, California

Not great. Was trying out an Olympus XZ-1 about 3 years ago.

Here's one side of the view from the Berkeley hills.

and here's the other.

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duartix Veteran Member • Posts: 3,586
Re: Here's to the land of the long leaf pine.....

Mike Ronesia wrote:

Here you go. A little something from Micronesia.

Mark James
A.K.A. Mike Ronesia

Well, finally your username now makes sense to me, after 4 years...

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Duarte Bruno

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Karsten Hovmand

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Felice62 Contributing Member • Posts: 732
Re: Around the world thread

Dar Es Salaam, TAnzania

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Johannesburg, SA

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Lerici, Italy

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Sergey_Green Forum Pro • Posts: 10,720
Lerici, Italy

Felice62 wrote:

I guess it is the whole northern coast that looks like this. I did not go further down past Vernazza, it is really pretty there. Beautiful capture!

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- sergey

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