Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

WT21 wrote:

Because I want a compact option with a tilty LCD. Wish the XE had that. Tilty + EVF is really what I'd like.

Because NEX has spoiled us with that since the 7 and 6, and that's why the XT1 will be my first Fuji, I was waiting to see both available on the same camera

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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

Limburger wrote:

What ever you do keep your 6D.

Fuji is very nice and I tried the X-E1. Very nice but I decided for the X100 to accompany my dslr (7D).

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Cheers Mike

I recently sold quite a few Canon lenses to raise the funds to buy the new X-E2.  I did keep my Canon DSLR (50D) and two lenses for it (100-300 f/4 and 35 f/1.4).  I will use the Canon for the sports work I do but other than that it's the X-E2 and X100 for everything else.

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WT21 wrote:

Tilty + EVF is really what I'd like.

XT-1 is may be your answer, wait until Jan 28 for pricing, shouldn't be more than XE-1+XM(A)1

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OP WT21 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,107
Re: XT-1?

vkphoto wrote:

WT21 wrote:

Tilty + EVF is really what I'd like.

XT-1 is may be your answer, wait until Jan 28 for pricing, shouldn't be more than XE-1+XM(A)1

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Used XE1 + XA1 is about $800. I'm hearing the XT1 is more like $1300???

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Re: XT-1?

WT21 wrote:

Used XE1 + XA1 is about $800. I'm hearing the XT1 is more like $1300???

I hardly can imagine XT-1 to go for less than $ 1300 on announcement.

$800 for two X cameras sounds like a good deal. But it's your money

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Asylum Photo
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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

Go with the X-E2.
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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

I have XE1, Nex 6 and Sony A7r, sold my X100s (beautiful camera but too similar to XE1) and Nikon D800e.

XE1 is a realiable workhorse. Last year I took it on a European holiday and left the Nikon at hime as it was too large and heavy. The XE1 did not let me down. I got every shot I wanted and I think a lot of them are better than what I would have been able to get with the D800e. Large DSLRs I find are fiddly. I constantly adjust stuff to get the shot. The XE1 is set to shutter mode and set the shutter kind of high and would adjust the aperture to suit indoors or outdoors. I ould use 1/320 indoors and 1/1000 outdoors. ISO was set to auto and it was the balancing factor. High ISO performance is so good it worked really well.

The pop upflash is also very handy and I used it at times indoors to great effect.

The XE1 versus Nex 6 which you are familiar with:

IQ is a bit better in XE1

AF is a tad faster in Nex 6 (probably more like XE2 as Nex 6 has the Gen 11 16mp pixel the XE2 is based on).

Tilt screen of Nex 6 is useful

EVF of Nex 6 is a little bit better

Menus of XE1 are way superior. Nex 6 menus are the worst I have seen on any camera.

Size and ergonomics are a matter of taste and no real winner there except buttons and dials on Nex 6 feel cheaper.

XE1 again a matter of taste, looks a bit better than Nex 6.

XE1 has better high ISO performance and lower noise.

XE1 image have better bit depth as Nex 6 images can break down under processing quickly compared to a similar XE1.

Better software support for Nex 6 although RAW conversion is no longer an issue for X series. Lightroom, Photo Ninja (the best) Capture 1, Aperture and others all provide an excellen t RAW converter now that is generally considered to be an improvement over jpeg.

XE2 is from reports overall very snappy. I think its an X100s in an XE1 body. Reports of bad skin plastic tones at higher ISO - 3200 and above. XE1 does not have that issue so Fuji changed the hgih ISO smoothing algorithim there for the worse.

AF I think is generally still regarded to be too slow for tracking moving objects easily. I found X100s too slow to be effective on a moving kid despite the Fuji claim to the fastest AF. I see they are claiming the same sort of AF response with the new XT1. No doubt that will be a point covered a lot in threads and reviews. I would not hold your breath there. No doubt it will be better but if its good enough is to be determinded.


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Re: Thinking of switching: what is BAD about the XE1?

bowportes wrote:

Are there any flash issues with the Fuji system?

Don't know.

Don't know what you mean by flash issues.

Coming from a Nikon background, I was wondering what he meant by "Fuji system".

The most interesting flash, the EF X20 does have the Fuji touch for UI in its controls for compensation and manual - Nikon could learn a lot from that. But it doesn't bounce or swivel. And recycling time is 6 seconds (when the 2 AAA batteries are fresh). You can at least use it off camera, if you have the right cord, which since Fuji don't make one, will be one made for Canon! Or you can trigger it from the built in flash, if your camera has one, but then you can use it only as a manual flash - for which, as I said, it does have excellent controls.

The other Fuji flashes (EF 20 and EF42) are rebranded Sunpaks, at inflated prices.

The Fuji built-in flashes do tend to provide excellent fill flash. But that could be because the most common mistake made with fill flash is to overdo it. In most situations, at low ISOs, the built in flashes are too underpowered to allow the photographer to make that error

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Joel Stern
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Re: Split-image any good?

Sal Baker wrote:

57LowRider wrote:

Joel Stern wrote:

The XE-2 has digital split image for MF, is this worth the extra money if one is just getting into the system?

Ah, you need input from an X-E2 user there, although I get the impression that focus peaking is the more useful of the focus assist types, judging from feedback.

No, the split image focus aid is definitely not worth the extra money IMO. What is worth the money is the faster AF, much nicer, smother EVF, built-in WiFi that will soon work with Fuji Camera Remote and Apple IOS devices, and being more future-proof due to the faster processing chip and PDAF points on the sensor. Fuji will probably update the X-Trans II cameras over the next year or two like they did with the original X-E1.


Thanks Sal

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