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Qwntm wrote:

emem wrote:

No, you are obviously not understanding correctly. I am saying that I DO NOT THINK THAT NR IS CAUSING OR HAS CONTRIBUTED IN ANY MEANINGFUL WAY TO MY PROBLEM. However at the moment it is just a thought. The image I took here had NR set to Auto - something Qwntm has said is causing blurred images. I did it intentionally to show it has no effect on the image.

LOTS of people have suggested to you already to turn NR to OFF. emem, have you even tried shooting your K3 with NR OFF at all??

Of course I have - I might be stupid but I'm not an idiot!!

From what i understand, NR set to auto DOES degrade your photo's sharpness and detail dramatically. What exactly is going on here sir?

And how did you come by this understanding? Is it from your own tests and trials or have you been reading what Qwntm wrote?

Also may i ask what lenses or lens, you have been using with all these samples you have posted?

I have been using the DA18-135 and DA*60-250.

Now can I ask you a question? Have you read the opening post of mine? It explains quite clearly what my issue was. Nothing, nil, nada, zilch to do with NR settings. I still have much testing and measuring to do, but I'm confident I now have the solution to MY problem (and I suspect a few others had similar problems). I believe the NR "solution" so widely publicised by Ed (Qwntm) is, in fact, a furphy. My problems, I'm almost certain, stem from clipping highlights because of my Custom Image settings, focusing issues, possibly connected to shooting in shade/low light, and excessive noise as a by-product of the other issues.

Hey Mike,
So you took one shot with Auto ISO reduction on and that proves I'm wrong? LOL.

No, I took dozens of shots with Auto (ISO?) NR on (but only posted one) and THAT proves that the issue you "found" had nothing to do with my issues. When I posted that I had problems with blurred images, you kind of hi-jacked the situation and led everyone off at a tangent. I asked you in a previous thread, and I repeat here, please tell me how to set up my camera to replicate your problem with the NR blurriness being a potential problem. Please tell me what I'm looking for. I'll do my very best to replicate it.

I have MANY shots with Auto ISO on that are sharp. It's the random soft ones that turning it off eliminates.
Also AFA is a problem you should use AF-s, but maybe you missed that post/video.

I ALWAYS and only ever use AF-S, unless I specifically need to use AF-C. I have NEVER shot with AF-A.

And finally, maybe you did get a bad camera with wonky sr. Why are you banging your head against the wall, and claiming I don't know a thing about photography... cuase that's what your trying to say...

Not what I'm trying to say at all. If you want to take that as an implication in my words that's too bad. Ed, I think you're presumptious, that's what I think.

A "furphy?"

Furphy is Aussie slang for a misleading story or piece of information, oddly enough derived from the name (J Furphy & Sons) of a company which made water carts.

From Ed (sorry, I changed the text colour inadvertently)
I'm not sure you understand the high iso noise reduction issue well enough to even replicate the test and the logic behind why I am 100% certain the "AUTO" setting is a bad deal.

I asked in a previous post to give me the information needed to replicate your NR issue. Do I simply set the Noise Reduction to Auto for both settings? Nothing else then to worry about by way of particular settings?

The logic is irrefutable.
But 1 more time:
A.)High ISO NOISE reduction set to HIGH blurs the crap out of your images at 100%
B.)While set to "AUTO," the HIGH selection is an option.
C.)HIGH ISO NR set to AUTO can choose HIGH.
THEREFORE: High iso NR set to AUTO can blur the crap out of your photos without you knowing it.
I never said this was your specific problem. But why are you saying that NO ONE ELSE CAN HAVE THIS PROBLEM BECAUSE I'm stupid?

No idea what you're saying here. Are you saying that I said you're stupid? I don't think I did. And what problem? My problem or your problem?

Read the thread below again (your comment and my comment) and tell me what you get out of it?


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