Motto for 2014

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simontramper Senior Member • Posts: 2,298
Motto for 2014

Composition composition and CHECK THE SETTINGS STUPID. Do you have any photographic wise.
Trying to capture the images i see around me.

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paulhome Contributing Member • Posts: 841
Re: Motto for 2014

dont shoot sunsets,shoot at sunset

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jonathanj Contributing Member • Posts: 953
Re: Motto for 2014

Not much time to think about photography this holiday as been too busy rushing around the UK visiting family, but two thoughts for me for 2014:

  • Buy new gear only if I can clearly and convincingly articulate how exactly it will help me get better pictures
  • Think before pressing the shutter

Happy new year everyone!

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northlondon43 Senior Member • Posts: 1,319
Re: Motto for 2014

paulhome wrote:

dont shoot sunsets,shoot at sunset

How about 'don't shoot the messenger' just shoot the messenger and then stab him just to make sure? O:-)


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shark81 Regular Member • Posts: 145
Re: Motto for 2014

How about: Never take pictures and just wait around for new gear while complaining about current gear.

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nx200USER1 Senior Member • Posts: 1,097
Re: Motto for 2014

new NX30 found conversing with the older nx20 on a shelve at a busy store in metropolis:

nx30:   What was I when I wasn't what I am....and what will I be when I'm not?

nx20:   You were what you were before you are what you are, and you will be what you ain't! Silly!

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