So many great features and we love the larger sensor

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Tom Bliz Junior Member • Posts: 44
So many great features and we love the larger sensor

Outstanding compact.  First camera of its size that allows me to take great pics inside without flash. I am amazed by the vast options in the menu for customizing pictures.  Very easy to access the various functions too. I love the way the menu has been designed , plus the graphics in the menu are so intuitive.  We compared the P 330 to several other compacts and it was our #1 choice.  If you normally shoot a DSLR, like us, I think you will enjoy using it too.

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Nikon Coolpix P330
Nikon Coolpix P330
12 megapixels • 3 screen • 24 – 120 mm (5×)
Announced: Mar 5, 2013
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The lens is the best part

People can`t see past the slow write times and unconfigurable dials which is a shame because the P330 has a superb lens and excellent sensor , these matter more than speed for image quality - and the P330 is oinly £159 in the UK , less than a used S110 !!

yes it`s great to have the lot but after nearly a year with an RX100 , bought for its magnificent sensor and speed, I realised that its poor quality blurry edged CA riddled lens was just too much of a compromise, that cam really needed to be bigger , I`d say P7000 sized with a high quality 28-105 F2.8-4 range.. the P330 however is pin sharp corner to corner wideopen  (a feat the Canons haven`t matched since the S95) and sharp at the long end (something the canons and RX100 can`t match) and goes to 120mm with decent IS (better than the S110 and RX100) .

Yes it feels cheap next to an S90 or RX100 (or even SX210) , NO the JPG engine isn`t as good as the P7000 for detail (way too much NR at base ISO on low like a Sony), No the dial configuration isn`t sensible (the top one should be Exp Comp without a button press in AV mode)  and why on earth the RAW files are bigger than those of the 24Mp D7100 is a total mystery (I thought uncompressed RAWs went out with the D1X over 13 years ago, canon have compressed RAW in compacts since the G2 Twelve years ago) no wonder it writes slow, the poor little thing is writing files of D3X size ! ..

BUT for the RAW shooter ,  it`s got it where it really counts, the lens is superb, the sensor better than it ought to be at high ISOs like a good CMOS should be whilst razor sharp at base ISO like the CCD powered P7000 was and DR is excellent for a small sensor . Thumbs up from me., the compromises suit me better than the optically challenged RX100 or Canons ever did.

I DO however wish Nikon would give it ONE Firmware update - Compress RAWs so it writes faster , get the JPG engine back to P7000 quality by lowering the NR at base ISO when set to LOW , make those command dials configurable so the Top one does Live Exposure comp in AV mode etc and let us choose the amount info on the LCD .. Nikon are always spoiling the ship for a Ha'peth of Tar with the Coolpixes but all the P330 needs can be fixed in Firmware

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