Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

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Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

Please offer C&C. I used available light for all of these. Wide angle and flash don't seem to work well together because the lens barrel blocks the flash, creating a shadow at the bottom of the images. There seems to be kind of a balancing act between including the background while still shooting from enough of an overhead angle to capture the whole plate. I am just using a kit lens here and I am not a fan of absurdly shallow DOF anyway.

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Comment & critique:
Please provide me constructive critique and criticism.
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Re: Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

I'm hungry looking at these!! haha.

I really like your image of the salad. Really nice! Perhaps some of the images the white balance was a little warm? Maybe play around with angles more, but I really liked your images Thanks for sharing!!!

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Re: Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

I like the avocado chicken salad shot. The others need better crops and/or lighting. The last one has too much going on in the background, and takes focus away from the food.

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Re: Carmel, CA 2013 - Food photography

Please forgive my wordiness here:

For photos 1 and 2, it's the food itself that could use some help through food styling.  I'm not sure how much experience/interest you have in this field, but basically it's arranging food in the more attractive way.  This might also include making sure that none of the food is stuck to the white plats/bowls, for example.  While the food in these photos is relatively well-styled, it could still use just a little help to make it better.

Here is a video about how McDonald's styles their food.  [link] Obviously, however, you can't do all of this in a restaurant, but I'm just trying to show you the possibilities.

Photos 3 and 4 are the nicest, mostly due to the lighting.

Photo 5, as others have mentioned, could use a less distracting background.

Other than that, some general tips are to keep the angle either on level with the plate (lower than you would normally see it) or directly above it.  The last thing you want to do is take a photo of the food at eye-level - that's how people are used to seeing their food, and therefore, it's boring for the average viewer.  Beautiful shots, though!

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Snapshots, no more no less

By looking at these, I feel that you are simply showing us what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. If that's what you're after, they work OK. If you want praise for the composition and lighting, you'll have to do better. Check out the real pros and try to copy them.

I know I'm going to get some nasty rebuttals on my reply because there are some people who are just too sensitive and caring and can't stand to see criticism in print. To those people I could care less. You learn a lot more from your mistakes than when people tell you that everything is hunky dory!

Incidentally, I've seen some really good photos come out of your camera ( or head?).

Take care, and practice.

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