Wildlife lens?

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Platanomangu Forum Member • Posts: 92
Wildlife lens?

hi, im trying to buy a lens for outdors photography like birds ect but i dont know which one to buy, i have a tamron 70-200 but is short for my needs, my budged is 1100. thank you

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Emphyrio2 Regular Member • Posts: 480
Re: Wildlife lens?

I would set aside $160 of your budget for one of those Korean made f6.3 500 mm mirrors which you can get from Samyang, Rokinon, or Pro-Optic. Totally manual operation but best reach for the buck.  If you have a good raw processor for denoising you can shoot handheld at ISO 1600.  I have attached a few shots taken with this lens. Pixel peepers will complain of blur, but where else can you get 500 mm for under $200?  This lens is a great deal of fun.  JAH

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Chuvarsky Senior Member • Posts: 1,091
Re: Wildlife lens?

I would recommend the Sigma 150-500 for your budget.  Flexible range, excellent quality, optical stabilization (for hand held), and auto focus.

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NikonNature Senior Member • Posts: 1,942
Re: Wildlife lens?

My pick would be the Nikon 300mm f/4. It takes a teleconverter very well for extra reach. I use mine with a 1.7x TC (See my flickr page for samples).

That being said, I know others who went with the Sigma 50-500 or 150-500 and are generally happy with the results.

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Snapshott Senior Member • Posts: 2,206
Re: Wildlife lens?

Platanomangu wrote:

hi, im trying to buy a lens for outdors photography like birds ect but i dont know which one to buy, i have a tamron 70-200 but is short for my needs, my budged is 1100. thank you

Depends on the range you want. The Nikon 300mm f4 af-s is very sharp and can be picked up used within your budget. I also use mine with a TC-14e for 420mm f 5.6 and is still very sharp but this is an additional expense if you don't already own one..

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John Szeto Senior Member • Posts: 1,889
Re: Wildlife lens?

I would certainly wait until the new $1100 Tamron 150-600  reviews come out

Digirame Forum Pro • Posts: 33,700
Re: Wildlife lens?

I agree.  That's what I was going to say.

ABA DABA Veteran Member • Posts: 3,074
Re: Wildlife lens?

I use a Tamron 200x500 that works quite well for me.

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Jeff AG Regular Member • Posts: 157
Re: Wildlife lens?

I went wit the Sigma 120-400 to get f/5.6 and am very happy with it.  The 500mm versions just don't open up enough.  I was afraid I'd never get the shutter speeds I wanted out of the 500's.   I also got the Sigma 1.4x teleconverter for times when I need the reach, have plenty of light and can live with manual focus.

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