***Photo of the Week #33-13 December 2013-19 December 2013***

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jimoyer Senior Member • Posts: 1,879
***Photo of the Week #33-13 December 2013-19 December 2013***

NOTICE #1: Nikon FX cameras are now included.


REMINDER: We have 5 votes each, please vote for your 5 favourite photos.


  • Post one (1) photo per participant.
  • Categories: anything you wish - landscapes, portraits, birds, sports, abstract, your choice.
  • Your photo must be no older than 2 weeks from the date you submitted it. (* see explanation below)
  • Use any Nikon DX or FX camera.
  • This thread ends one week from the start at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (-8 GMT).
  • Next tread begins a few hours later

VOTING: Please remember to vote.

  • Vote for your 5 favourites by clicking the “Like” button beside the photos.
  • Voting begins anytime, ends one week from the start at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (-8 GMT)
  • Anyone may vote, even if you didn't post an image.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Please read the 2 items below and follow the instructions - thanks.

  1. Please reply to the first(original) post and please replace the subject title with the title of your photograph.
  2. When you make a comment please do not re-post the person’s photo so that we don’t end up with multiple copies of the same image, it makes voting confusing.


The main objective of this event is to get people taking photos on a weekly basis and sharing their single best shot of the week with the rest of us, all in a spirit of light-hearted fun. It’s hoped that participation in this thread will foster community building among the participants, plus motivate us to keep improving our photography skills ranging from creative imagining, to shooting, to processing. The weekly voting is not intended to make this into a highly competitive “contest”, but to provide a sufficient level of motivation to maintain interest over the long term. If you have any questions they were probably addressed in the original discussion thread which you can find at this link:http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3479611

* EXPLANATION for eligible dates of photos:

Why a 2-week period for photos? I received some emails lately saying that a one week period was not long enough to find a subject and to do a good job on the shooting, processing and selection, they feel too rushed. Since the main objective of this challenge is to get us out taking photos on a regular basis rather than just posting old photos from our archives, there's no real difference between one week old photos and two week old photos, they're all new and fresh. Hopefully, this will give those who felt rushed a little more time to relax, enjoy and participate

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cambau Regular Member • Posts: 302
Rock Pool

Chuvarsky Senior Member • Posts: 1,416
Hidden among the branches

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SSPassion Forum Member • Posts: 50
Honey Bee

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Brev00 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,990
Roxbury Reflections
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The Doug
The Doug Regular Member • Posts: 178
Mississauga Sky

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sapple Regular Member • Posts: 461
Snowing on the Farm

King Farm Maryland. Taken with my Tokina 11-16 mark 2 lens.

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msstella Forum Member • Posts: 69
Inner Space

Frost on the windows creates such interesting patterns. This one reminds me of a view of outerspace with the dark blue background (space) and the orange ball (planet or sun) in the corner.

Iain G Foulds
Iain G Foulds Veteran Member • Posts: 3,604
Re: Roxbury Reflections

... Brev: I can't remember my later impression so clearly contrast my initial reaction.

... I was immediately disappointed, but now I really like it. It's subtle, but really conveys a mood. There are truly rythmns thoughout. Fascinating!

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draacor Senior Member • Posts: 1,530
What's this?

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Luego Senior Member • Posts: 1,182
Christmas Cactus...

One of my first test shots with ADL dialed in High...

The only plant that flowers in our home in December, while it is - 20 degrees outdoors...;-(



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Stacey_K Veteran Member • Posts: 8,428
Shamu and a friend

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JoeNap2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,757
Let's Meet

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Nikon D7000 with 24-120 f3.5

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LAHJ Contributing Member • Posts: 787
A tribute

This is just one of numerous tributes to the great leader Nelson Mandela ( Madiba ).

This image of Madiba is laser projected onto Table Mountain and I took this picture from the V&A Waterfront.

There have been activities going on for more than a week now and one of the more

memorable and touching tributes was the message from a little girl who wrote on one of the boards

of condolence.



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Hansa Yindee
Hansa Yindee Veteran Member • Posts: 4,219
Re: In Your Face.

Taken this morning,Dec 14th 2013, just down the road  under  a triple canopy jungle.

Handheld Nikon D300 DX Camera.

Sigma 10-20 f4-5.6 WA Lens.


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Jon in Thailand

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Deepak Kaw
Deepak Kaw Senior Member • Posts: 2,033
Rays of sun...
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tommiejeep Veteran Member • Posts: 5,858
Reasonable light..

for a change


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Anticipate the Light and wing it when you get it wrong

RudyPohl Veteran Member • Posts: 5,193
Young Buck in Snow Storm

White-tailed Deer, Ottawa, Canada

He spotted me the instant I came around the tree line into the open field. I had about 10 seconds before he ran off.

fordie Junior Member • Posts: 39
Re: Young Buck in Snow Storm


taken at Culzean castle, South Ayrshire. Scotland.

Wu Jiaqiu
Wu Jiaqiu Forum Pro • Posts: 21,306
dip your toe in

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