SDHC cards??

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SDHC cards??

I have been using a Kodak SDHC high speed card in my Olympus  E5. I am not a professional but do take pictures for people from time to time.  This card has served me well but think it is about time to get a backup. I had some extras but after looking at those realized they were not the class 6.  What card would you recommend?  Class 6 is what this one is.  I believe from research that there are faster ones that this now. Mine is an 8Gb and serves me well.

Thanks for your input.  I know there are so many types and brands it is confusing.


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Re: SDHC cards??

The E-5 works beautifully with Class 10 cards. I used Sandisk Extreme 16G and HP 32G Class 10s in mine When I wasn't using CF cards. (Compact Flash UDMA cards at 300x to 400x are the best for high speed continuous sequence capture in raw format in the E-5.)

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I bought a couple of SD cards recently...

... for my E-M1 not an E-5. I've always trusted SanDisk (never had a problem with one) and they always seem to be on the cutting edge for speed and the newest technology.

I chose a 32GB and a 16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 card. It has a read time of 95MB/s and a write time of 90MB/s. It should be able to handle the E-5's video, burst rate, RAW + JPEG or anything else you throw at it. I thought the price was very good also.

I've had cards (compact flash, SD, mini SD, micro SD, others) from various brands (SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Kodak, etc.) that worked fine for their respective device also.

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Re: SDHC cards??

I'll recommend getting a CF card and relegating your existing card to backup status. If you ever: shoot high-speed burst mode, shoot RAW+jpeg, shoot video you're not getting full use of your camera's capacity with a Class 6 SD card.



p.s. If you're not already, format your card (in lieu of delete all) in camera between uses to get the best performance from it.

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Re: SDHC cards??

I have Sandisk Extreme Pro cards (CF= 90MB/s, SD = 95MB/s) in my E5.  I cannot tell any difference in performance of these two cards, however in a USB 3.0 reader, the SD card does download files somewhat more quickly, though both are so fast it really doesn't matter.  I also have a Sandisk Extreme  SD (not Pro 45MB/s) and it is not as good when shooting bursts of Raw images in the E5.

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Re: SDHC cards??

Thank you for your help.  I really appreciate everyone's input.  Stelle

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