Risks of buying used material

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Marfinites Junior Member • Posts: 30
Risks of buying used material

Hello, i currently have the Sony a 57.

I like it, but i do a lot of video with people who use Canon 60D/600D, so i would like to buy a Canon. However i have been seeing the prices in the web and some are kinda good deals.

But i'm afraid of the risks. What's in play when you buy a used camera with still half of the guarantee?

How much do you think my a57, one year use, really good condition, and still one year guarantee costs? (i live in Europe, Portugal)

Thank you.

Canon EOS 60D Sony SLT-A57
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Re: Risks of buying used material

There are a lot of people out there who have to have the latest and greatest and buying their gear is often safe. These are the types of people who leave the cellophane (clingfilm, something wrap in USA) on their car seats, spend more time polishing their gadgets than using them. They seem to buy gear with the intention of selling shortly so will keep all the packaging, treat the gadget like a china tea service, from new they will add unnecessary glass to the lens, covers on the LCD screens even though you can turn the LCD against the camera on most new canons. They will never put the camera down on anything other than a velvet pillow, the threads are almost never used for fear of marking them.

So pretty safe I would suggest.

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OP Marfinites Junior Member • Posts: 30
Re: Risks of buying used material

Yeah, you're right.

there are more offers than those people (who you don't know in the first time are or not careful users). I've seen contest earners and bankrupted ones. I'm still in doubt and just wondering if there is any extra risk i might not be taking in account.

Thank you for your answer!

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