I did it!

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marclw Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
I did it!

I'm a pro photog and did what just a year ago I would have thought unthinkable. I've been a Canon fanboy for years. I just sold off all of my Canon equipment, a 1Dmk3, a 5Dmk2, 70-200L f/2.8, 24-105L f/4, 24-70L f/2.8, 17-40L f/4, and 50mm f/1.4 and two flashes and an extender. I replaced it with two EM-1's and MFT lenses.

I still can't believe it, even when I shipped off 22 lbs of equipment off today.

A year ago, I bought a couple of EM-5's. They were quite impressive. (I'll be selling one or both shortly.) I found myself using the little jewels rather than my canon stuff. But, I couldn't make a conversion until a really rugged, sealed, pro level camera that could shoot action became available. The EM-1 changed that.

I couldn't be happier. Did I give anything up? A ton of weight, for sure. I can actually use the kit without breaking my back or aggravating my painful arthritic right thumb. IQ? Not really. The EM-5 and 1 are not full frame or AP-H sensors. So bokeh is a bit harder to manufacture, but you still can get it if you know how to use the DOF rules. Is there noise at high ISOs? Sure, but it's a lot better than both the 1Dmk3 and 5dmk2. I hated the 5D's banding....... I will miss the extremely clean files from the 1Dmk3, but I think I'll miss them less and less as I get more acclimated with the EM-1's files.

I just had to share! I'm so happy.....


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Derek Dean
Derek Dean Senior Member • Posts: 1,854
Re: I did it!

Congratulations, Marc, I hope you enjoy your new system, and I'll be interested in hearing your views (and seeing some photos) after you've had a chance to use it for a while.  Have fun!

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bdmoody Junior Member • Posts: 25
Re: I did it!

Thanks for the post.  I own a Canon 5d3 and several lenses and I am finding that I starred a PS more due to weight.   I bought a E-1 and I think I am going to do the same as you and sell it all.  I just can't get over the size and I have my doubts about shooting fast and low light, but I shoot on manual and so far so good.  The size between my L glass and the Micro lens just blows me away.

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CharlesTokyo Contributing Member • Posts: 721
Re: I did it!

marclw wrote:

I just sold off all of my Canon equipment, a 1Dmk3, a 5Dmk2, 70-200L f/2.8, 24-105L f/4, 24-70L f/2.8, 17-40L f/4, and 50mm f/1.4 and two flashes and an extender. I replaced it with two EM-1's and MFT lenses.

I hope it all works out great for you. I'm thrilled with my E-M1.

Out of curiosity what did you replace your lenses with in m43s?

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RealPancho Senior Member • Posts: 1,313
You are a brave man….

….on several counts. I hope to see some pics when you have a few you want to share.

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Rockaw Junior Member • Posts: 33
Re: You are a brave man….

I did the same thing about a month ago. Was shooting Canon 5D MkIII plus half a dozen L lenses. Now, I'm shooting Olympus E-M1 and Zuiko 17, 45, 60, and 12-40.

One of the first things I'm pleased with is that I now get to shoot at F1.8 and 2.8 across all my lenses in low light. My Canon daily lens was their 24-105 F4. Big difference in light gathering between F4 and F1.8. I used to shoot at ISO 6400 in low light, now I can shoot in 1600. Plus the IBIS is so good, I'm hand holding at half a second. When I read this was possible in a few early reviews, I didn't think it would really be useful, but I am blown away with the shots I'm getting handheld at 1 second.

From a pixel peeping perspective, I'm finding the .ORF RAW files to have more detail in the shadows than the Canon .CR2 files.

I bet you'll be very happy with the new gear.

Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 4,246
Re: I did it!


I think we will hear more and more stories like this.  Olympus need to release more PRO lenses quickly.

pdelux Contributing Member • Posts: 762
Congrats!! (NT)


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Lab D Senior Member • Posts: 6,938
This is getting to be very common these days :)

Congrats!   It is a great idea shared by many others. 

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Bob Tullis
Bob Tullis Forum Pro • Posts: 34,960
It can be a personal milestone of sorts

I don't think I'll ever forget the year it took me to come to the same decision. My friends said I was out of my mind, and this was well before the µ4/3 16mp sensors were in production. But not being of sound mind I went ahead anyway.

All that time building the kit and chops with some of the better bodies and lenses that DSLR systems can offer, chasing evolving technology along the way, it was like the end of an era.

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...Bob, NYC
"Well, sometimes the magic works. . . Sometimes, it doesn't." - Chief Dan George, Little Big Man

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roa51200 Forum Member • Posts: 89
Re: I did it!


I have been thinking of doing the same thing for a long time. I am shooting with the Nikon D300 for about 5 years, but the pull of the E-M1 is real strong. The only lens I think I will miss is my 70-200 f/2.8. Any opinions or suggestions appreciated.

Have any of you shot with the 50-200 f/2.8-3.5 and 1.4 converter on the E-M1, how is the QI?

Hope to join you soon,


Jim Salvas
Jim Salvas Veteran Member • Posts: 5,365
Re: I did it!

I'm leaving a Nikon system, too, but the only thing I'll miss us the flash system. I figure I'll have to fall back on experience with dumb slaves, as the reports are not good about m43 system flashes.

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Jim Salvas

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berni29 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,051
Re: It can be a personal milestone of sorts


I am pleased you are pleased. There is no joy to lugging around equipment that is heavier than it needs to be to get the job done. At some point I can see you adding a GM1 just for fun.
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Raven15 Contributing Member • Posts: 806
Re: I did it!

Dang dude. I would have been baselessly extremely envious of the Canon kit, if you hadn't just dumped it for the system I was already using. Instead, I feel rather baselessly smug.

WaterDragon New Member • Posts: 5
Re: I did it!

Well done mate on the change!

I too am a working photog...

I have been a Canon faithful since 1991, AE1, T90, 1n HS and then a proliferation of D bodies starting with the 10D etc....
I've just sold two 5D bodies a mk 1 and a mk2, plus 28-70 f2.8L, 70-200 f2.8L, 17-40 f4L, 20mm, 14mm. I've kept a 7D plus 2 lenses (10-22mm and a Sigma 8mm fish eye) plus a 600 EX and 3 580 EX II's - I only ever use flash on manual with radio triggers so it made sense to keep them.

I've replaced the 5D's with an Oly EM1 and several Olympus/Panasonic lenses. The effect on my camera bag is amazing and I'm as happy as larry! The quality of the EM1 is brilliant and once you've mastered the transition from many years with Canon it is beautiful to use. The image quality is certainly not full frame but so far my clients haven't even noticed...

One of my clients likes to look through the view finder - I use a Manfrotto pistol grip - he likes to position the picture to his liking and then I move move it back to where I had it and take the photo and all is good. Just part of the client participation thing -  anyway he got a bit of surprise with the EVF on the EM1 but I just said this is the future and if he's happy with the outcome and that is the main thing.

On the Canon gear - I cannot fault it and it has served me very well but this year it just seems that Sony and Olympus are the only players that are trying to do anything different. For a short while I was considering getting a 1DX...so pricy and it's such a monster and really belongs in a studio on a tripod. I'm just tired of carrying all those heavy bodies and lenses....

I feel for 80% of my work the Oly EM1 will be more than enough and super fast while at it. The other 20% - super wide, landscapes etc I might get a Sony A7r and use what is left of my FD lenses on it for starters....I still have a 17mm F4 and a 55mm f1.2 in mothballs somewhere...no rush though.

...and those Oly MFT prime lenses - sharp, stunning. And as for zooms once you try the Oly 12-40mm f2.8....sensational.

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OP marclw Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
Re: I did it!

It's great to hear from you folks! Thanks! I don't miss the Canon 70-200L f/2.8 at all. Indeed, I don't miss any of my lenses. I have a full range of lenses, the Oly 9-18 and Panny 12-35 and 35-100, and Oly 100-300. I also got the Oly 60 macro and the Panny 25. The lenses are very sharp and generally are as good as the L lenses. The 60, 12-35 and 35-100 are sealed lenses and are f2.8's. I marvel at how small and light the 70-100 and 100-300 are! I wish MFT had an ultra wide and an ultra tele that are weather proofed. I guess that'll come. I'll be posting some pics when I can get out and start shooting again. I'm still recuperating from complications from surgery that almost killed me. Stay out of hospitals if you can. Staph can kill you in no time! Almost there! Woot!

b the way, I almost bought the 1D X, too. I am so glad I didn't....... I will miss Canon's flash system. I got two small Oly flashes that will be free under the recent rebate program. They work pretty well and can be controlled by the tiny flash that comes with the EM-1. They are not 580II's...... But it's not a big deal. I hate flash and try to use only available light. I did keep one 580II for power and will use it on manual.

All in all, I recommend that folks look at the Oly EM-1. I can't believe the quality of the system, all of which will fit into a small camera bag that weighs relatively little.


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OP marclw Senior Member • Posts: 1,315
Re: I did it!

I am intrigued by the ne Oly 12-40. I need to look whether there is a good comparison test between the two.


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Brian Wadie
Brian Wadie Veteran Member • Posts: 9,028
Well done

Its a great feeling isn't it and it gets even better when you go on a shoot with some that "Haven't seen the light" and watch them hoist that weighty back pack on their shoulders

Better yet, as once happened to me, when a guy with a Nikon D800 + monster lens asked what I was using, said, let me see the images and then went of muttering that he didn't know why he bothered to carry around all this bl---dy kit

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