52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

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lefteyedom New Member • Posts: 23
52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

Anybody try it? I know it’s a longshot, but if it doesn’t vignette that would make my life simpler.

PrebenR Veteran Member • Posts: 3,529
Re: 52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

It works. This photo is taken with DP3 + step down to 49mm (cheap off fleabay) and the AML-2


Full size available and no cropping.

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Lightwriting with Sigma

OP lefteyedom New Member • Posts: 23
Re: 52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

Thanks! Thinking about using this in conjunction with a Ricoh gr, x100s or god forbid another Merrill. With the ability to share batteries and filters the Ricoh is looking good.

MOD rick decker Forum Pro • Posts: 14,667
Re: 52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

I hand-held a 46mm on the DP3M and it did not vignette.  The initial Sigma close-up, the AML-1 (46mm for non-M DP's) is an extremely high-quality lens probably as good, if not better than anything on the market.  I haven't tried the 49mm.  If I remember correctly, it was a +7 or +8.  A 10x will give you significantly larger macro capability.  Attached is a shot with the AML-1 hand-held.  A 10x will show just the whole quarter on the vertical axis.  It is that much stronger.

As far as 10x goes, there are t wo that I know of. The B+W which is not considered that good by the few I have talked to.  I have that and agree with their opinions.  Also the Sonia, which I have and am very satisfied.  It may be hard to find their lens but is worth going after and reasonably priced.  If interested, I would google them to find their distributor in the US.

Oliver_B Contributing Member • Posts: 847
Re: 52mm – 49mm step down ring on dp3m?

I use the same setup at times and did not notice vignetting either. Detail is gorgeous. What Rick does not mention though is that handholding this combination can be a challenge as DOF is minimal and any shaking and swaying will be punished. It's worth it though if you can get it right.

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