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harmbr Regular Member • Posts: 369
Want to share

A lot of the time photography for me is about catching that moment.

Today that moment was at 20:38.

Sunset as seen from our deck

Was sitting with my back to this display, watching television, when my son said:"look at that dad."

Almost missed it.

Panorama made with Microsoft ICE, three pictures handheld.



dt27348 Senior Member • Posts: 2,809
Re: Want to share

What a beautiful sunset. Here in Scotland the sun sets about 4pm so I am told.Haven't seen the sun in a while.

Great capture.


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K1W1 55
K1W1 55 Contributing Member • Posts: 531
Re: Want to share

That's one of the nicest sunsets I've seen for a while - nice detail in the clouds too

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Some Slideshows of a wee bit of my work, more to be added if I ever sort out my music rights issues.

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John King
John King Forum Pro • Posts: 14,941
Re: Want to share

And thanks for doing so, Harm.

Very nice shot(s) of something we are all so familiar with. It's remarkably rare for us to have a camera ready to hand; and it's also rare for that "moment" to occur at a convenient time ... The essential perversity of life, the Universe and everything, I guess ... .

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mariomirabile Senior Member • Posts: 1,339

'nuff said.

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dharma108 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,689
Re: Want to share


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herebefore Veteran Member • Posts: 3,296
Re: Want to share

Sun is setting here (Connecticut, New England, USA) at about 4:15 pm..

Much to busy a time of day for me to shoot a sunset...

Yours is absolutely "Perfect"...Great shot!

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RoelHendrickx Forum Pro • Posts: 25,641
And here is the soundtrack to that photo

Look and listen:


OK, maybe you are not into rock music and OK, it is not really one song, but at least the title of the album is spot on.  I've always enjoyed that live performance and it came immediately to my mind upon seeing your image.

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Roel Hendrickx
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Roger Engelken
Roger Engelken Veteran Member • Posts: 5,179
Re: Want to share

That is a beautiful capture.  It is true that photography is in part being at the right place at the right time, especially for the images we remember most.

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19andrew47 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,104
Re: Want to share

Quite spectacular!


John Mason
John Mason Veteran Member • Posts: 5,769
Very nice!

I bet that didn't last long either.

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Dimitri_P Regular Member • Posts: 201
Re: Want to share

I love pictures of sunsets and this is a great one!!!

Here is another shot I really love although it wasn't as well received

Here is the shot  and the translated comment:


"Although the view of the sky is spectacular the picture has no subject. I would've prefered to have either the sky isolated or find a cental subject under this spectacular sky. Otherwise I'd use this picture of the sky in other digital creations"

One man's spectacular sky immortalized is another man's subjectless picture. Go figure

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OP harmbr Regular Member • Posts: 369
Re: Want to share

Thank you all, it's always good to share

@ Roel, your link took me back to some good times. ( the days when we were young and foolish, now middle aged and still foolish )

@ Dimitri: technically the commenter maybe right, but you definitely captured the moment, and with that we have to accept what is present at that time. Nice picture.

@ Dave: from memory I recall that the sun does shine in Scotland, but I was there during the summer some 19 years ago. Beautiful photogenic country. (and I like the Scottish humor)

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