1st try at wifes linkedin profile pic

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Paul Jones
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Re: Headshots

DuaneV wrote:

rska2013 wrote:

not bad attempt except her hair got all funky......why cant i get my pics to pop ? i am only using nikon speed lights and umbrellas but they get a flash

Honest truth:  You cant get them to pop because of your lack of experience.  You need to practice, practice, practice!  You need to try different lighting setups, i.e., angles, heights, etc.  You also need to have a repport with the person youre shooing.  In this case, its your wife and she looks VERY uncomfortable.  You don't know how to pose her correctly and she has no idea how to sit in front of the camera.  Without direction, most people will just sit there like a lump.  If you cant make your wife look comfortable youll be hard-pressed to make a client comfortable.

I think Duane sums it up.  Practice, practice, practice.....

If you want some headshot photography inspiration, can I suggest these links:




Best wishes

Paul Jones

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