First post! New X-Pro 1 user!

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First post! New X-Pro 1 user!

Hi folks, first post!

So, as a camera shop employee of many years and avid Nikon user since the D1x I must confess I have long found myself tired as a photographer, throughly bored of the bulk and hassle of my (now sold) D300 + lenses (even though I did love the pictures I got from it) I'd really stopped shooting at all outside of work related stuff.

After a brief flirtation with working in the business of cloud computing, I recently returned to the camera world; for the first time in years I found myself with Nikon glass but with no body to mount it on!

I road-tested every current camera we have, from the Alpha A7 and Lumix GX7 to the D800

Tonight I took home the X-Pro 1.

I know the AF isn't perfect, I know it's got some idiosyncrasies to its handling...

but by God if this camera isn't FUN to use!!

on my brief jaunt home I snapped a few shots off and then it came to me, this is the most enjoyable camera I've used since my OM-1n!!

sorry, I know this is a bit of a waffly post and not heavy on "tech talk" but I had enough of that on the other side of the counter today, I'm sure I shall soon be discussing the merits of a concave or convex soft shutter soon enough

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Re: First post! New X-Pro 1 user!

Welcome and congrats on the camera. Don't listen to that nonsense about slow's a great camera and I use it more than any other. I highly suggest you get Rico's book on the camera. It's very informative.

Post some photos when your ready....that's my thing...images...

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Well done!

You got the point. Fun makes for imagination which makes for better shots.

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Re: First post! New X-Pro 1 user!

I made a similar move in September after a million years of using SLR & DSLRs.  While I still have one D800 for action and other specialized shooting, my Fuji XPro1 is moving into an 85% role of my total shooting.  Granted it is a tough adjustment for me but I am loving it.

I share your enthusiasm.  As a former camera store owner I know where you are coming from with the technical stuff.  In the end it's always only about the finished picture.


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Re: First post! New X-Pro 1 user!

You've got the hook! If a camera is a joy to use, you'll use it more; if you use it more, you'll take a lot more pictures; if you take a lot more pictures you'll become adept with the camera and you'll make better images. The Fuji feedback loop is rather clever.

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Re: First post! New X-Pro 1 user!
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