New Canon G16 review at Camera Ergonomics

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New Canon G16 review at Camera Ergonomics

My new review of the Canon G16 is up on the Camera Ergonomics blog here   I have some nice things to say about the G16 but also some criticisms. I think Canon needs to be more innovative and assertive in positioning it's advanced compacts to better compete in a very challenging marketplace.

Canon PowerShot G16
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Jim Senior Member • Posts: 2,443
Re: New Canon G16 review at Camera Ergonomics

I think you make a lot of good points. One small point that I think you'll agree with is that Canon omitted the articulated screen not so much as a measure to keep the camera thinner but simply as a cost saving measure. They then said it was to make the camera thinner as a pretext in that effort.

The articulated screen is one feature that really says "Canon G series" and is appreciated by most people who use it. As you are aware, it was lost on the G7-G10 models and reintroduced in the G11 and continued in the G12 as well as the G1X.

Lastly, I fully agree that the G15/G16 simply aren't really that interesting and these cameras (IMHO) really say "I'm a Canon G series on a budget". If the articulated screen costs an extra $20 or $25 dollars to produce it just doesn't matter as most would gladly spring for it.

Let's hope that Canon incorporates many of the changes you've recommended going forward.


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Re: New Canon G16 review at Camera Ergonomics

When a reviewer makes a negative comment, in this case about no articulating LCD, it really is his personal desire for an articulating screen. And that's ok! But.....not everyone who owns or plans to buy a G16 wants a moveable LCD. I personally do not. I'd rather have the lighter and smaller camera. I owned both the G11 & 12 and never found an occasion to use them in any position except folded against the camera like any LCD screen is.

Just on this Forum alone there have been many posts from those who don't want an articulating LCD. But to be fair there have also been many who do want it. But I think they are in the minority. It's just that they holler the loudest and the longest. You're just wasting your energy because Canon will always do what they want to do. If they think bringing back the moveable LCD will sell more cameras? They'll do that. But I think the those who don't want it are in the majority.

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ncsakany Senior Member • Posts: 2,004
A somewhat subjective impressions summary... not a review IMO

While I thank you for the effort, I would have appreciated it more had you posted your notes using the review feature of these forums (which helps tabulating the product ratings, towards the benefit of all), as opposed to diverting traffic to your blog. Nevertheless, I found some of the objectionable aspects you mention to rather be on the subjective side - to many of us, the omission of the articulated LCD whilst gaining a reduction in depth is an added benefit, not a shortcoming. The design of the top panel likewise seems fine to me, and I've not read of anyone else complaining about the placement of the buttons.

I agree that an EVF (and I mean a useable one, not the sorry variety used in the Panny LF1) would be a most welcome feature on a potential G17. That, and touchscreen, à la S120, to enable touch focus.

OP axlotl Senior Member • Posts: 1,873
Re: Thanks for the feedback

All comment is welcome and thank you. The reason I post reviews on my Camera Ergonomics blog is in the hope that by so doing I might be able to raise consumer awareness of ergonomic issues in camera design. In the case of recent Canon G cameras the image quality and performance are generally quite good but there are aspects of the ergonomic design which could easily be improved. These cameras are being sold into an intensely competitive market in which some of the players (not yet Canon) are showing a willingness to innovate.  ncsakany points out, correctly, that there has been very little adverse comment in published reviews about the location of the Front Dial and Shutter Button. That should not be interpreted as meaning all is well but rather that there is a lack  of analytic commentary on camera ergonomic issues,  as compared to image quality and performance issues.  Any user who holds and operates a G16 can easily confirm for themselves  my observations about the front dial and shutter button locations. Whether that user apprehends this as a problem is an individual matter.

RedFox88 Forum Pro • Posts: 28,092
agree, more pontificating than a review

Agree I see more pontificating than a review talking about "market position" and the concept of a compact camera.  Also it would help to read the specifications of the camera before calling the camera slow talking about shot to shot RAW and a camera card speed which may be overkill for a camera that may not be able to write anywhere near 95 MB/s.  It's good to buy a memory card that isn't more than the camera can do, to save yourself money.

And if you don't have personal experience with something, you should not make reference to it in a "review", i.e. never used G15 so can't tell if the G16 is faster.

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