Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

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Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

Using a 24-70 L lens on a 7d, what are proper settings for tack sharp photos.

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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

Not really different than other cameras, Low ISO, Lighting that is not flat, Shutter speed high enough to prevent motion blur, and Focus that is spot on. This is all just basic stuff.


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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

If you change lenses to one with stabilization, use a tripod with stabilization turned off

Be careful of breeze. They make leaves shimmer.

Hot days can make the air distort your shots.

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Philip Kendall
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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

To echo and often repeated theme around here: it's the photographer which gets the photo, not the settings. There are no "magic settings" which somehow make a photo sharp.

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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

Jamesishere60 wrote:

Using a 24-70 L lens on a 7d, what are proper settings for tack sharp photos.

Follow up the other posters advice by sharpening your photos with an editor.

Follow up this introductory article with one specific to your editor.

If you shoot jpeg only you can set the in-camera sharpness in the menu both by choosing "picture style" and using the sharpness slider for same. The landscape setting has the highest default sharpness setting.

An editor will assign a default sharpness setting as well.

Learn how to use masks, brushes, and layers to selectively sharpen areas of a given photo.

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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d
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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

I love these posts, its like people think because they read it online and use the same settings they think they will have the same exact image. It boils down to PHOTGRAPHERS skill and knowledge of different aspects of the sport that all come into play to make a clean, sharp image.

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MarshallG Veteran Member • Posts: 5,080
Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

Using a 24-70 L lens on a 7d, what are proper settings for tack sharp photos.

It really depends on what you're shooting. If you have some photos that came out soft, why not post them here? Or explain the type of photo you took and what didn't work.

For example, if I want maximum sharpness, I put the camera on a GOOD tripod, I focus using LiveView at 10x, and I use a remote release. But if you're photographing people, that won't work, because you usually can't have a tripod. So for people, I use single point AF and I configured the joystick so I can set the AF point on the subject'a eyes without having to recompose. After I shoot, I review by zooming in on the eyebrow. When I can see each hair at full magnification, I know that the sharpness is perfect. I never get perfect focus every time.

I also MFA'd my lens, and it needed a +10.

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Sailor Blue
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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

Doing an AF Microadjustment shouldn't be forgotten.

There are always small manufacturing variations in things like the lenses and camera body and lens mounts.  Sometimes these variations cancel each other out, sometimes they add up. AF Microadjustment allows you to zero these out so that you are getting the maximum sharpness from your lens.

This is the best way I have found to manually set the AF Microadjustment.

Bird Photographers Net - AF microadjustment tricks

This inexpensive program completely automates setting the AF Microadjustment.

Reikan Photography - Automatic AF Microadjust Calibration Software

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Re: Getting tack sharp photos on a canon7d

7d, f/4.5, iso 1600 70-200 @ 186mm handheld @ 1/80s

To see it very sharp, you need to see the full size. DPR doesn't do a good job in the shrinking process.

The first thing, you need to realize that sharpness is an optical "illusion". Light makes a huge difference, the more at an angle, the better the sharpness (same as for landscape at early mornings/later afternoons).

The low DOF and the contrating colors help a lot.

BTW, there is also some PP in Lightroom: clarity: +30

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