Lens Hood Recommendation re 18-200 & 24-120 (3.5-5.6)

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Lens Hood Recommendation re 18-200 & 24-120 (3.5-5.6)

I assume that Nikon has decided that replacement lens hoods to replace all those that fall off at the slightest provocation is a good money maker.  However, for those who have had hoods constantly fall off the subject lenses I recommend the HB-11 (round, not petal shaped), which was the hood for the the original 24-120mm some years ago.  For years it was available as a non OEM item for a very modest sum, but seemingly that supply has dried up.  But it is still available for under $20.  What it does is bayonette onto the two subject lens as a two step process rather than a one step connect.  Bottom line is that I have never had an MB-11 knocked off of either lens as compared to the awful HB-25.  I suspect, but cannot prove that the HB-11 will work on other nikon lenses with 72mm filter size.

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