RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

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Bernie44 Junior Member • Posts: 31
RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

Been thinking of upgrading my RX100 to M2 and getting the optional view finder.  Like idea of tilting LCD, hot shoe and WIFI capability.

Anyone have experience with this setup?

Does the viewfinder  add to the overall functionality of the RX100 M2?  And is it worth the money?

Thinking would help me to stabilize some shots and also useful  for in the sun when LCD becomes difficult to see.

One concern is it makes the cameras less pocket able -  do you find it to be easy to take on and off to put in bag?

IS it so easily removed that can falloff or casual bump will knock it off?

(read somewhere that  user having had issue with it easily getting knocked and was damaged or lost it!!)

Comments and thoughts appreciated.


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cathyph1 Regular Member • Posts: 325
Re: RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

I bought the viewfinder for the RX100ii and I love it.  I found it hard to see sometimes with just the lcd and that problem is completely eliminated.

It's an outstanding viewfinder as you would expect for the price and comes with a small leather carrying case that you can velcro onto the camera strap or your camera case strap.

It is easy to take on and off and fits securely but doesn't lock on.  I think a really hard knock could possibly push it off but it feels like it would take quite a bit to do it.  I have had no problems with it coming off or getting loose.

It definitely adds some bulk to the camera and that is just a choice I made.  But the bulk isn't all that much.  You can find some photos of it on the RX100ii on the web if you do a little google searching and that's what I did before I bought it.

You can see everything that displays on the lcd perfectly with the viewfinder on and it automatically switches from lcd to screen depending on whether it's up at your eye or not.  I like to use the level and couldn't see it all that well with the lcd but it's crystal clear through the viewfinder.

I carry the whole thing wrapped in a microfiber cloth inside a small fanny pack when I want to protect the camera with the viewfinder on it while I'm going somewhere.  Or I take the VF off and put it in its case and then it's easy to transport.

Hope this helps.  For me it makes the camera much more usable and is well worth it.

Cathy H.

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LesHoug Forum Member • Posts: 75
Re: RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

I agree with all that Cathy H mentioned in that post about it's usability and it's security on the camera, it's also very good for low light shots. I found the large rubber eye cup a bit too bulky for me, so i just use the smaller hard one and for me i turn the after shot auto review off, so i can still see whats going on without taking the camera away from my eye.

After using the finder i would find it hard to buy another camera without the option for an accessory E.V finder or one thats doesn't have one built in.


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elliottnewcomb Forum Pro • Posts: 14,035
Re: RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

I read that it is very high quality, you probably will not be disappointed with that.

RX1 and rx100 users need them more than M2 as you know.

I would definitely wait, use the camera a while without it, then, you can always get one.

LCD Sunny Weather setting is quite helpful, not always for sure, but, combined with Tilt LCD has to minimize the need for EVF.

I see some used ones on Ebay, some have changed their minds.

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Sean Nelson
Sean Nelson Forum Pro • Posts: 12,760
Re: RX100 M2 with Sony viewfinder - good??

Bernie44 wrote:

One concern is it makes the cameras less pocket able - do you find it to be easy to take on and off to put in bag?

I bought the EVF from Sony Canada because I was able to get a 20% discount for registering my new RX100M2.   My problem is that I use the camera as my "take-everywhere" camera.   I have a belt pouch that carries the camera with me whenever I leave the house for any reason.   I find that it's often hard for me to find a place to stuff the viewfinder, and it's awkward to have to put it on to use it and then take it off again to put the camera back into my pouch.   A pouch large enough to handle the camera with the viewfinder mounted on it would be larger than I'd be willing to live with.

So the net result is that I've only used it a few times.   It's a terrific viewfinder, aside from the inconvenience, but I find the LCD screen to be plenty adequate - particularly since I can tilt it if necessary to eliminate reflections.   It's really the reflections that compromise it in bright light, not the ambient lighting itself.

I'm thinking I'm going to sell the EVF since I'm really not getting any use out of it.

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