No body & lens caps with Panasonic bundle?

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Re: Where did you buy the Panasonic bundle?

FFS wrote:

The GH2 was an open box purchase (i.e. returned item), but came from a reputable camera company here, Henrys. I was not quite sure why I did not follow up on that issue any further. Perhaps because it was an open box item and I had no immediate need for the caps (I had no other m43 lens or body), I let it go back then.

The GF3 on the other hand is a new, still sealed in the box item. I bought it from a different vendor, but I do not think they would cheat me over the $3 caps. The caps are not in the included items list either.

Well, I guess if I had got a camera in an "open box" deal I would expect some missing items, but Im surprised at the caps being among the missing...

The problem is, the retailer cant easily replace them because they dont have them "on the shelf".

I believe your only recourse is to order them from Panasonic.

(My G3 was a used camera (slightly) but I would have turned it down if it was missing the body cap.)

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Re: No body & lens caps with Panasonic bundle?

GM1 & 12-32 bundle does NOT include the rear lens cap & body cap. Mildly annoying but not a deal least you get a charger, unlike Sony.

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Re: No body & lens caps with Panasonic bundle?

Sergey Borachev wrote:

This is why I like to buy from a real shop and have the chance to inspect the items before paying. If there is anything that is not perfectly wrapped with all the plastic bags, ties for the cords, and seals, caps all completely tidy, I would reject it. Those in the know can tell you how often items are sold even though they have been on display, demo'ed, played with or even returned, and then re-sold. I think these cases are simply showing that they are getting very sloppy these days repacking and checking. There is a price to pay with online purchases and a reason why a personalised service and buying items totally new from factory is worth the extra money. Of course, we also know the games people play by trying and returning goods, which in a way also caused less and less professional service.

I instead prefer buying online for these reasons. When buying something from a shop, I feel it's much more likely to get a box that would have been opened and fiddled with, demoed to any customers passing by for days or weeks, with salesmen keen to get rid of this fingerprinted stuff ASAP with the first keen buyer (especially for shops where they let you inspect before buying).

When buying online instead (but only for big and trustworthy retailers like Amazon) I always had the impression to get the sealed pack straight out of the factory, and that any returned product would be sold as open box/warehouse deal, not as a new one. With Amazon I would also be confident that they would be very flexible and willing to accept a return for whatever minor imperfection.

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This has been reported and discussed before.

It seems Pany and some other companies package their cheaper cameras without caps.

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Re: No body & lens caps with Panasonic bundle?

happypoppeye wrote:

When I bought the GF3 / 14mm there was no body cap or rear lens cap ...lens was already on the camera ...and the inner box was formed to fit the lens coming already mounted.

Same here.

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