First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

Started Nov 9, 2013 | User reviews
cgarrard Forum Pro • Posts: 15,418
First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

I'm very surprised there aren't any user reviews here on DPR!

My full review is on my blog, so here is my conclusion on what I like:

  • Build/design similar in quality and feel to the K20/10 DSLRS
  • Weather Sealed (kit comes with WR kit lens too)
  • Excellent optical finder- 100% accurate and bright/large
  • Dual customizable control dials (properly placed and angled)
  • Excellent Jpeg engine (may be the best in its class of any brand)
  • Excellent Raw IQ (some of the best I've ever seen in any DSLR)
  • DNG format raw file option available (two total)
  • Customizable buttons and dials (many of them, and a zillion choices)
  • Sturdy grip
  • Finally a real K200D replacement I was hoping for (better OVF and IQ) minus top mounted LCD
  • Big bang for the buck
  • Star trails mode (using bulb setting)
  • Auto ISO programing through entire ISO range
  • Dual battery type options (lithium ion provided, can use 4 AA's as well*)
  • Recessed strap lugs
  • Excellent array of digital filters, custom color modes, art filters, and scene modes
  • Extensive in camera post processing (much better than any brand)
  • Focus peaking
  • Quick auto focusing in both regular and live view focusing
  • No nonsense exterior
  • Custom user modes on main mode dial
  • Placement of live view button
  • Quiet pop up flash
  • Wide range of EV adjustment
  • Multi shot mode, allows up to 9 exposures on one raw or jpeg file (and both simultaneously)
  • Bulb mode allows one press and hold or one press to start and one to finish (important if you leave your remote at home)
  • Image stabilization used for multiple functions (auto horizon correction, hand shake, star trails, dust reduction)
  • Wide range of ISO selection
  • Excellent long exposure camera (mix of features, IQ, and implementation)
  • Dedicated AF assist lamp
  • Contrast focus peaking
  • Catch-in (trap) focus mode
  • Well sorted easy to use menu system
  • 12 LCD display color choices
  • Customizable LCD brightness and color control
  • Custom menu system is extensive
  • Bottom line, a budget K5/K5II

Future improvements I'd like to see:

  • Rubber thumb pad
  • Pezio-ceramic dust reduction (high frequency dust reduction)
  • HDMI port added
  • Rubberized area around tripod mount
  • Easier to use SD card slot
  • Quieter focusing (both PDAF and CD type)
  • Better rechargeable lithium ion battery life (especially during live view use)
  • *Pentax should include optional AA battery tray in the box

After shooting with the K50 for months now, I've come to realize the K50 to be a very good DSLR. First, there aren't any weather sealed DSLRs available for this price that have lens micro adjust (outside the Pentax brand name that is), nor any DSLRS for the price that have the feature package the K50D has.

Secondly the camera performs up to expectations with an excellent auto focus characteristic in PDAF and CDAF modes, excellent live view implementation, and excellent image quality (slightly under the K5 cameras) in all types of photography. It's very much customizable, and has an adequate amount of external controls placed is a good location.

Probably the best bang for the buck DSLR on the market today.

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Brad99 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,145
Re: First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

It's much the same as the K-30 so it's basically a very good camera.

There's a 5 star review of the K-50 in the latest Jan 2014 Computer Shopper magazine, they're quite knowledgeable in camera matters and I would never buy any camera that they found lacking (in stills anyway).  I trust them more than most as they have no camera advertising allegiances.

NJOW Forum Member • Posts: 66
Re: First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

Nice review, it's a great camera. A budget K5, though? You can still get the K5 £150 cheaper new in the UK - a fantastic bargain imo


OP cgarrard Forum Pro • Posts: 15,418
Re: First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

NJOW wrote:

Nice review, it's a great camera. A budget K5, though? You can still get the K5 £150 cheaper new in the UK - a fantastic bargain imo


To be fair, take a look at K50 prices when its been on the market as long as the K5, then you'll really see its bargain coming through :).

Yep the K5 has hit its plateau on price, the K50's will only go down from here.

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Re: First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

Hello. What do you think about this camera as the first "serious" camera?
Still can't make a choice between D70 and this, I'm attracted by opportunities + price (which means that I can afford a more serious lens).
Any ideas?.. 
Thank you for your time.

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glassmandavo Junior Member • Posts: 38
Re: First user review here? Kidding me!? :)

Mr Garrard, thanks for cross-posting your review here.  I enjoyed reading it on your blog, and I'm hoping you'll be adding a couple of promised reviews there--will you be posting your reviews of the Fuji X-S1 and X-30 soon?  I check your blog every couple of days, and have been looking for these reviews for quite a while.

Thanks, and keep up the good work on your blog--you have a lot of interested followers.  GlassmanDave

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