**Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

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RVG Regular Member • Posts: 477
Re: Shots from the Gheenoe Mobbly Bay

A very nice set of photos. Really like the Kingfisher.

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RVG Regular Member • Posts: 477
Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

My resident hawk enjoys catching the sparrows from my feeders.

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JerseySailor Regular Member • Posts: 122
Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27** - A Fox Hunting Deer

zackiedawg wrote:

That's a pretty cool scene to witness! I never think of foxes as predatory, as they always look so cute and tiny and fluffy - and I'd think the deer could probably give him a welt or two for trying that meal! To have two species together in your yard at once is very cool.

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Hi Justin,

Thanks for the kind words. In living here in Westfield N.J. over thirty years, I've only seen a fox twice, each time as a solitary fleeting occurance. So to then see one clearly thinking he had enough wolf blood in him to even think about a Bambi steak dinner was a real surprise.

While my shots that evening, handheld at 1/4 sec and ISO 3200 are technically some of my worst, from the viewpoint of capturing the event, I prize them among the best.

After doing a full circlue of the doe, the fox obviously decided that venison wasn't quite on the menu that night, so he took a break before ambling away. Here he is taking that break in another shaky handheld 1/4 second shot:

After deciding that Bambi steak was not for dinner tonight, the fox took a break before departing.



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dlkeller Veteran Member • Posts: 6,922
A Year Ago

Last year this one had a small group of young quail very frightened as they huddled under a barberry bush until he finally gave up and left. It may be the same one, but don't see a band on it's leg.

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Sam_Oslo Veteran Member • Posts: 3,022
Sam's Weekly Wildlife

My second outing with Minolta 200mm/2.8 and my renewed A77 after a major repair. Still trying to learn how to squeeze the best out of this lens, but so far so good.

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Tony 2 Senior Member • Posts: 1,091
Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

Hi guys,

Here's a bunch of feeding behavor taken with Canon 60D, 70-200 f2.8 IS II, 2X TC

Acorn woodpecker caching acorns

An unknown fish

Great egret with great big feet

Another unknown fish

What a day - another unknown fish!

Fish's point of view of GBH

Turkey vulture attempting to intimidate a red shouldered hawk eating a coot.

Red shouldered hawk stopped feeding to chase off the vulture.

Coot.  I returned 30 minutes later and the coot's body was still uneaten.

Look, coots have teeth inside their bills.  Here you can see the hawk enjoyed the eyes.

You guys are all wonderful shooters and nature lovers.  Gil for inviting me over to your thread many years ago and I like that you accept non-Sony equipment here.

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Tony 2

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steelhead3 OP Veteran Member • Posts: 6,979
Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

Great behavior shots..the acorn woodpecker is my favorite..probably because it is a vagrant in my area.

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steelhead3 OP Veteran Member • Posts: 6,979
Re: some recent captures

Good to see you back shooter.  When you at Heron, you can see that they are dinosaurs...nice shots

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steelhead3 OP Veteran Member • Posts: 6,979
Re: Kitty from yesterday's hike.

Some mornings when I wake up, I feel just like that guy..if they live as long as a domesticate cat, he is ancient.  Hope he passed his genes on.

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Atgard Regular Member • Posts: 432
Re: **Weekly Wildlife Thread Oct 27**

Nice feeding shots … trying to get herons and egrets catching fish is one of my favorite shots to try to capture.

I also like the brave turkey vulture, and the last one was fascinatingly gross!

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steelhead3 OP Veteran Member • Posts: 6,979
Re: Sam's Weekly Wildlife

Nice set Sam, the finches are extra nice.  Could you ID your birds, we have a world wide group and many of your areas common birds are unknown to other parts of the world.  Mike

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