MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

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lacarp53 New Member • Posts: 4
MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

A couple of months ago I purchased a Canon G15 camera for a trip overseas.  I wanted a small, quality camera for the trip.  I looked around quite a bit on the internet for the different options for a Circular Polarizer that would maintain the compact profile of the camera, I settled on the MagFilter magnetically attached filter.  It attaches to the camera lens by applying a peal & stick anchoring ring to the face of the lens.  Then the filter just drops onto it via a magnet.  Sounds simple, right?

WRONG!  It was but a matter of 4 or 5 days before the adhesive on the ring started to soften & slowly migrate out of place on my lens.  At first it was just slightly off center, but a couple of days later I would open up the case & the ring was a full 1/4-1/2" out of place.  This happened with increasing rapidity as it spread the adhesive residue across the face of the housing framing in my lens.  Imagine how annoying it is to go to frame up a shot & seeing the ring obscuring the frame & goo-ily resisting being repositioned properly.  After a week I peeled the first adhesive ring off & replaced it with the second one provided with the filter, but the adhesive mess just gave it a track to slide in & it was every bit as bad as the first placement.

As soon as I retuned to the States I contacted the manufacturer & explained the problem.  They requested photos of the problem.  After seeing them they wanted to send me a replacement.  I did not want another session of goo-photography & got a full refund.  That much is to their credit.  But I am still left with an adhesive smeared mess on my new camera.  I have to carefully experiment with mild solvents to try to remove the mess.

The point here is to warn others not to buy this product.  I am an engineer by trade.  They use a completely inadequate adhesive for this application.  Do not buy this - RUN AWAY!

MOD Footski Senior Member • Posts: 2,155
Re: MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

Thanks for the warning. You would not think it too difficult to use a good adhesive!

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Re: MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

I've been using the MagFilter on my S95 for quite a while and haven't had any issues.  Did you clean the front of the lens housing before applying the ring?  It might have been oily/greasy such that the adhesive didn't get a chance to stick.  Especially since you say you attached the second ring without cleaning off the adhesive the first one left behind, I'd guess that's the issue.

That, or it might have been a bad batch of adhesive.

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OP lacarp53 New Member • Posts: 4
Re: MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

Yes, I cleaned the lens mounting surface area with denatured alcohol, trust me, that was not the issue. As for not cleaning the residue before applying the second ring, I was in a foreign country on vacation. My standard access to solvents & cleaning supplied was very limited. The die was cast after the first failure.

As I mentioned, I work in the field of Engineering, more specifically in manufacturing of consumer goods. If it were a "bad batch of adhesive" you have major problems in your manufacturing controls. In those circumstances, you can never know what quality of product you will get.  That is the sort of company you do not want to buy products from.

If you are having good luck with your MagFilter, good for you.  I hope it continues to be a good tool.  I went on Amazon & read reviews from other people.  I found one exactly like my experience.  How extensive is the problem?  I don't know, but I do know that I am not the only one.  If the quality of adhesive is a variable what else is?  The quality of the glass or coatings?  These are not the sort of things that build confidence in consumers.

Cope Veteran Member • Posts: 6,329
Re: MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

Try Goo Gone to get rid of the adhesive mess.

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OP lacarp53 New Member • Posts: 4
Re: MagFilter Circular Polarizer Filter a disaster!

Thanks, I'll try that.  Just for illustration, here is a shot of my camera & the mess I am left with.

Nice huh?

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