Great Little Camera

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Alejandro G New Member • Posts: 1
Great Little Camera

I have owned a couple of DSLRs, like Nikons D40X, Sony Alpha 230 and Canons EOS 70D. They're awesome, but bulky, and hard to have around at any given time. I bought this camera in order to have the option of switching lenses and still have a compact camera. Happily, this camera has delivered on my expectations. I bought an 1.8f lens, which is pretty awesome for night pictures. I won't bore anyone with talk, since we all want to see pictures, so let me share my results.

Hope this is helpful!

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Peter Lacus
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Re: Great Little Camera

I heard somewhere that the image quality went down when megapixels went up between the generations but I am glad I don't see any proof of that in your pictures. Very nice!

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