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Peter Budd
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Re: Hmmm.... these too :-)

jamesm007 wrote:

Now your FF 70-200mm lens f/2.8. This is a classic in full frame land. Its a big, heavy, fast lens, with good IQ. But we already have a 70-200mm f/2.8 lens that has fantastic image quality, is fast, is weather resistant, is really of higher build quality than most 70-200mm lens on FF bodies. We have the DA*50-135mm. If you do the math that equals a 70-203mm or lets just say 70-200mm. Why do you think Pentax made that lens with a strange focal length of 50-135mm!

But the 50-135 is pretty slow focusing lens ad not suitable for fast action. And used to be susceptable to motor failure. I sold mine due to the motor failre. Other than that is was a excellent lens

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Re: Greg...

Hi Ron,

About a year ago i asked if you could check if the power zoom of 28-105 PZ works on K-01 in video mode.
You did check and the answer was no.

Can you please check if the same applies for the video mode of K5ii (and K3 hen you get yours )

Kind Regards

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Re: Greg...

brandrx wrote:

Greg Lovern wrote:

brandrx wrote:

Yes, only the DSLRs that support SDM will suport Power Zoom because the same two pins that are used for SDM are also used to power the zoom.

If I understand correctly, the K-100D Super, K200D, K-m, K-x, K-r, K-30, K-50, and K-500 all support SDM but do not support Power Zoom. I did a few searches just now that seemed to confirm that.

I don't know. I no longer have any of those cameras to test it. I know that PZ works with the K10D, K20D, K-7, and K-5. I havn't tested it on my K-5 II / K-5 IIs. I thought I remembered testing it on a K-x when I had one but I cannot say for sure.

For the K-100D Super, K-200D, K-m, K-x, K-r, K-30, K-50, K-500 and K-01, the manuals seem ambiguous in that they only say that they do not have the Power Zoom features that none of the DSLRs have, leaving unsaid whether they do have the Power Zoom features that some DSLRs have. However, for those DSLRs that do have simple powered zooming and auto-retract (K-10D, K-20D, K-7, K-5, etc), the manual says that they ARE compatible with Power Zoom. So when the manual says something like this, it seems to be Pentax-speak for "not compatible with Power Zoom at all":

"Power Zoom functions (Image Size Tracking, Zoom Clip, and Auto Zoom Effect) are not compatible with this camera"

For the models that ARE compatible with simple powered zooming and auto-retract, the manuals say something like this:

"Power Zoom (Auto Zoom) is available if a Power Zoom compatible FA lens is used with this camera."

K-100D Super: Manual says no:

(banned Pentax forum)/forums/pentax-lens-articles/49443-pentax-power-zoom-explained.html

K-200D: Manual says no, testing confirms no:

K-m/K2000: Specs say no, manual says no, testing confirms no:

(banned Pentax forum)/forums/pentax-lens-articles/49443-pentax-power-zoom-explained.html

K-x: Manual says no, testing confirms no:

(banned Pentax forum)/forums/pentax-lens-articles/49443-pentax-power-zoom-explained.html

K-r: Manual says no, see page 74.

K-30: Manual says no; see page 64. Confirmed no:

(banned Pentax forum)/forums/pentax-k-30/236856-k-30-fa-28-105-power-zoom-not-functioning.html

K-50: Manual says no; see page 66. Specs at (banned Pentax forum) say no:

(banned Pentax forum)/camerareviews/pentax-k-50.html

K-01: Manual says no, testing confirms no:


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