Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

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Jefenator Senior Member • Posts: 2,429
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

They pretty much had me at "weather sealed" and "under $2K". 

I just hope they didn't mess things up too much with the design. (I have become very accustomed to and fond of the control layout on my NEX-7.)

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Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

I will buy the A7 when I go to the U.S next year. If the rumors are correct I will sell my NEX 7. I made a thread about the NEX 7 having cured my G.A.S when I bought it in April of 2012, the A7 has me curious again. I am expecting that I will keep the A7 for at least 3-4 years, the only think missing form the NEX 7 is a FF sensor and the low light capabilities that comes with that, in my opinion.

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Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

I was holding out for a FF NEX mainly to use it with a 35mm lens but I found a great deal on a mint used RX1 + EVF a few days ago and that seemed to fit my needs for a small camera setup.

for focal lengths of 50mm and above I prefer to use a FF DSLR

NEXFULLFRAME Regular Member • Posts: 283
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

Tom Spaulding wrote:

I've got a Leica 75mm and a Zeiss 35mm that might take some nice pictures on one of these new Sony's

Count me in as someone primarily interested in this camera for M lenses too.

martindesu Senior Member • Posts: 1,245
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

Jefenator wrote:

Theypretty much had me at "weather sealed" and "under $2K".


I'm very interested to see what Sony do eventually release.

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b534202 Regular Member • Posts: 187
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

I'm interested in A7R + the 55mm & 70-200mm.

I'll probably sell my Canon 50/1.4 & 70-200 f/4L IS.

Weathersealed 55mm? Heck yes.

Bonus points if they use the NPBX1 battery, since I got a stash of those from owning RX1/Rx100/RX100M2.

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Chez Wimpy
Chez Wimpy Veteran Member • Posts: 8,868

Petroglyph wrote:

I like a lot of those specs. Maybe we'll know more next week. Going to need a high quality WA for landscape on that 36MP ver.

Yes, that is the one I am interested in, and since I already have the high quality WA (Canon 24TSEII) what I am most concerned with is seeing how the offset microlenses deal with retrofocal projection (perhaps the tradeoff for shallow/M-mount success is lesser performance with adapted SLR lenses?), whether or not corners are occluded, and (strangely enough) how the 28-70 "kit" lens performs.  In this respect, I want to know if it makes any sense to treat the A7r as a replacement for my EM5 when it comes to winter landscapes.  Weather sealing, check... but is there close to 36MP of goodness to be had when compared to my "modest" 16MP with the excellent (kit!) Panasonic 14-45 (28-90)?

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sarit Regular Member • Posts: 270
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

In a few years when I will want to upgrade from 5R, I'll be interested in A7r if Sony release a 15-35 f4 or similar UWA lens. The extra low light capability and the higher resolution will be the motivation. Weather sealing would be a nice bonus.

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TommieH Regular Member • Posts: 311
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

Waiting for more lenses. The closest more affordable wide angle seem to be the kit, but that just doesn't feel right.

Also waiting for more news or information regarding the menu system. A $1500+ camera where one can't do bracketed exposures without manually changing EV (and using timer) or holding down the shutter is just a no-go. Funny thing is Sony even got an appstore but they can't even release such useful things there.

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mbiastock New Member • Posts: 1
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

spacemn wrote:

Provided that the following rumoured specs turn out correct, will you buy the Sony A7 or A7r?

o 24Mpix / 36Mpix (both are newly developed full frame sensors with specially designed micro lens array - like the Leica M)

o OSPDAF / - (no AA filter)

o Price around $1600 / $2300


o AF is faster than the RX series, but still not as fast as the best in the mirrorless world

o Both have focus peaking (of course)

o Eye tracking AF

o They are about same size as the Olympus OMD series

o There is an optional vertical grip

o They have Wifi and NFC

o No Tri Navi, they had scroll wheels in front and back (which were very much like nex-7′s) and an exposure comp wheel from RX1 - according to a source

o One source: "the body quality is very good and the camera had a Pentax LX feeling"

o 1/8000 shutter speed

o Weather sealed

O Tiltable screens

o Comes with four lenses at launch (and a roadmap):

Sony G FE 28-75mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS(?) (kit lens - $2000 including the A7)

Sony Zeiss FE 24-70mm f/4 OSS

Sony Zeiss FE 35mm f/2.8 (weather sealed)

Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8

...I would buy!

Seriously.  All of these features are really great for the price point.  Under 2k and you are getting a weather-sealed FF mirrorless NEX.  The main draw for me, personally, to the NEX form factor is that I love to use vintage lenses.  Everyone on this forum is who complaining about the lack of lenses at release should consider the low prices of awesome manual prime glass available on Ebay.  Paired with the focus peaking feature (which is insanely awesome) and the manual aperture ring on older lenses, shooting with the NEX is an absolute JOY.  I use a full-frame Canon body for my paid work (real estate photography) but am excited about the possibility of bringing out my collection of primes and slapping them on the NEX FF.  Plus - as with the NEX 7, this new FF camera will have a hotshoe - so you can shoot with off-camera flash using radio triggers.   Hoping LCD is touch-enabled like the NEX 5n since that really helps with manual focus assist in focus peaking mode.  Doesn't look like EVF will be tiltable since hot shoe is on top of it.

Alohaman Contributing Member • Posts: 576
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

I'll probably wait until version 2 of the A7/7r comes out.  I waited over 2 years for the Canon 5D2 to come out and it was a better camera than the 5D.  But then, the 5D3 is a much better camera than the D2.  Can't wait forever!  So I usually jump in at version 2.  BTW, I bought the Fuji X100s ( i.e., version 2).

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dquangt Senior Member • Posts: 2,327
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

I would have loved a tilting evf. I have the optional one for 5 series and it would be hard to do without.

f_stops Contributing Member • Posts: 565
Re: Who will buy the Sony A7/A7r?

Will order one of each as soon as available.  Really excited about this - and tired of waiting for M 240 (order in 6 months ago and waiting).  Hope these ship soon!

Will be very interested to see if/how the microlenses work with RF glass.  Not really expecting miracles with my 15mm voigtlander - but if it works with a 24mm I'll be pleased.

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