Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

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J D Wells
J D Wells Forum Member • Posts: 89
Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Hello to all at DPREVIEW. Hope life is good with everyone. The A77 continues to amaze me. I have used this camera since it's inception and unlike other kit I have owned and used I have never once not stopped liking it. It has become the camera I reach for first on all projects and which I use in conjunction with the Nikon D800 E. The image quality is excellent and all clients are happy.

Well onto Florence...As a professional photographer it is a dream and a nightmare. A dream as it is a truly unique and beautiful place. A nightmare for the very same reasons. It's been done a billion times before and the millions of visitors in July were doing it all over again but that is just part of the game and I love to play it. Despite it's fame Florence like Rome and Venice basks in the heat of it's Mediterranean climate while retaining that quintessential Italian feeling that has to be authentic and cannot be replicated. It makes you love it and want to explore. In short it is well worth a visit. For those who go...hope you have a great time there. But for everyone I hope that you enjoy the pictures for now. Best wishes to all.

J D Wells

For anyone who may be interested my main body of work can be found here:

Valencia and Rome were also shot using the A77 with Carl Zeiss.

Over the Roof Tops

Height of an Empire

Heart of the City



Sunset Over the Arno

Ponte Vecchio

Walk of the Medicci

Conqueror of the Seas

Lighting the Horizon

brian14478 Senior Member • Posts: 3,703
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Very cool /very nice/ and very dramatic***in a good way.

Quite a style- right at the edge of too much.

Enjoyed viewing them all .Keep up the great work-brian

DistantView Forum Member • Posts: 53
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

A bit over the "edge of too much" for me but the quality, composition etc are excellent.
It would be a dull world if we all liked  the same things - keep shooting what you like !

Best wishes


William Curtindale
William Curtindale Veteran Member • Posts: 6,982
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

DistantView wrote:

A bit over the "edge of too much" for me but the quality, composition etc are excellent.
It would be a dull world if we all liked the same things - keep shooting what you like !

My impressions and comments are the same.

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Dodge_Rock Senior Member • Posts: 1,478
I Like your Style

Amazing & wonderful images, you've presented a unique & interesting look. If I were a client, I would be impressed as well.  Florence is definitely on the visit list.

Owen Senior Member • Posts: 2,820
Re: I Like your Style

Does the city actually look like that or did you use "Paint" mode on the camera?


RussAdams Contributing Member • Posts: 831
Love how different these are!

The effects are over the top, and that makes them quite different from what one normally sees from Florence.

Well done!

Thanks for sharing, and please keep posting your work!


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Maxxuman Senior Member • Posts: 1,700
Re: I Like your Style

I like the first 2 with Ponte Vecchio and sunrise or sunset but the processing on the others is not to my taste.  Still, it's important to differentiate yourself so I can see why you might want to give them your own look.

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splashy Senior Member • Posts: 1,770
Re: I Like your Style

Very beautiful.

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Silverback46 Contributing Member • Posts: 986
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Beautiful work J.D.! Your images bring back memories of my visit to Rome two years ago. Nice to hear your thoughts on the a77. The last photo in this series is my personal favorite. Just a great image!


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DannsTheMan Junior Member • Posts: 45
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Very striking images - and flawlessly and professionally executed.  Are you planning to market the images? Were they commissioned?

Most impressed to see the A77 being used for such critical and noise-sensitive landscape compositions in lower and trickier light.  Any tips you can share about your approach and technique?

Big smiles,


P.S.  The alliteration in the thread title made me smile!

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J D Wells
J D Wells OP Forum Member • Posts: 89
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Hello to all and thank you very much for your positive responses.

Always good to be cool Brian.

Composition is an art in itself right RT?

Unique and interesting is what makes it all worth while Dodge_Rock.

"Over the top" is a perfect expression to sum up much of Italian architecture Russ so I am pleased that I have done exactly that. As the saying goes "do as the Italians do when in Italy".

I love Rome Silver: ROME. Pleased to have brought back happy memories. Another great aspect of the job.

True Andy that almost everyone else would have been looking at 35mm equivalent or medium format but that is one of the varied aspects that impresses me with the A77 and Carl Zeiss lenses formula. Using the Nikon D800 E technique has to be flawless so I simply employ the same method but with different ISO settings to compensate for the smaller sensor of the A77. Yes the work is going toward my latest book Going Places released this Christmas in New York with accompanying exhibition.

Thanks and best wishes to all

J D Wells

Rexel99 Regular Member • Posts: 423
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Very nice shots. I just got back from there also. You got some wonderful aspects of the Ponte Vecchio and beautiful views. I thought a bit much clarity or hdr effect for the rooftops of the duamo but otherwise nice ad intense colourful shots. Can't wait to get mine processed (I took over 4600 on a 4 week Europe tour.)

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dynaxx Forum Member • Posts: 78
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Although this highly-processed style is not to my taste it is prefect for eye-catching posters/billboards and I suggest you offer them to the Florence tourist authority.

Florence, for me, is about faded grandeur in its architecture and its subtle pastel colours ; these vivid colours and that degree of contrast would be more appropriate for a Victoria's Secret runway show. I know you were trying to avoid the cliché shots and I understand that this can lead to excessive gimmicks.

I judge a photo on how long I would enjoy having on my wall at home and some of these would not even get there. Great camera/lens combo, though.

Vinny311 Forum Member • Posts: 76
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

Love it...some are a little bit too much HDR, others are simply awesome!!...great, great work...

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Old glass...timeless beauty...Minolta.

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digitalshooter Forum Pro • Posts: 19,604
Beautiful pictures great job! (nt)
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PS: all posts are just my opinion!

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Rich Calsada Regular Member • Posts: 462
Re: Amazing A77. Florence a billion and One times

As you said its probably been done a billion times. Your unique style is a fresh approach to the previous billion. The first three have a feel of  a colorized lithographic line print which in this case I like. Some images as others have said do have an over-processed pp look about them. Then again this does differentiate  your images from the previous billion images.

Well done and hope to see more of your unique style. Good luck with the book, and maybe you'll have time to do some NY scenes for the billionth and one time - Times Square, Union Square, Financial district from Brookly Bridge park.

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barri Contributing Member • Posts: 865
last photo is phantastic

I really enjoyed the last photo. Great work !

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see some of my images at

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rickztahone Contributing Member • Posts: 527
Re: last photo is phantastic

I see why so many people feel is over the top. I personally don't mind a bit of HDR but some of these are pushed to the extreme. What stands out most to me though is the amount of sharpening that went in to these. As already stated though, you have your style and if everyone did the same thing then photography, as in life, would be boring. So thank you for sharing these and that last shot is absolutely amazing. TFS

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BigGG Contributing Member • Posts: 762
Re: Amazing A77. Fantastic Florence.

The pictures look beautiful. Almost a fantasy view of Florenza.

Which lens(s) did you use for these photos?


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