Was thinking of buying Nikon, but not so fast......

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dave gaines
dave gaines Veteran Member • Posts: 9,187
Exactly! APS vs FF comparison

Thanks for your reply. It's a very thorough comparison. I'm interested in upgrading to the FF, or FX format. If I'm going to take a loss on my Olympus gear, I want to gain the most. And I'd want all these great f/2.8 lenses anyway. A friend of mine has the APS D300. He's concerned about the DX lens he bought for it. He will eventually want to upgrade to FF.

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dave gaines
dave gaines Veteran Member • Posts: 9,187
makes good sense, APS vs FF?

Thanks Peter,

What you say makes good sense. APS is not different enough from 4/3 to make a big difference. I get similar IQ with my E-5 and HG lenses to my friend with his D300. I can't afford to keep two systems. I need to sell my 3 SHG lenses and most of my HG lenses to pay for a new system and 2 or 3 good zooms. I may have to keep my underwater camera as it is. The E-330 and 3 HG lenses. That's a whole system based on the camera and lenses. A new housing and lens ports can cost as much as the camera and 2 or 3 lenses.

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dave gaines
dave gaines Veteran Member • Posts: 9,187
Nikon experience, APS vs FF

archrich wrote:


I was a long time Oly user, but left for Nikon although I kept my E-1and 11-22mm. About all I photograph is wildlife and I wanted something with better low light performance than what my E-5 gave me.

I shoot a D600 (it doesn't spatter its sensor with oil) and a D7100. I much prefer the FF sensor; both the DR and high ISO capabilities are much better. I bought the D7100 for "reach", but I'll be replacing it with another FF sensor body when I can afford it.


Thanks for the insight Archie,

It's worth noting that with the D600 and D7100 you prefer the FF over APS. If I had a lot of long telephoto lenses I might keep the E-5 for reach.

I really like my versatile 11-22 mm lens. I may keep the E-330, 8 mm FE, 11-22 and 50 mm f/2 macro for underwater photography. I just can't afford to replace the housing and lenses for a new camera.

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Bao Ha Regular Member • Posts: 280
Re: Nikon vs Canon FF, why the DXoMark conclusions?

dave gaines wrote:

Thanks for your reply. You're right. That's what the article said. But why? I forget the reason. Was it about the right lenses for the sensor? I'll have to read that part again, but maybe you can explain it. Thanks again.

I just wanted to point out DxO is inconsistent.  They published the first two articles beating down on the 5D Mark III.  Then, people started to look carefully into their measurements, and did not find much differences in performance, except that the D800 does have better dynamic range at low ISOs.  So they did this 3rd article a year later to whitewash it.

Last year, getting sick and tired of waiting for the mythical E-7, I start to look around for a replacement.  The main need is better ISO performance. But, I guess anything modern is better than the E-3. The 36 megapixels in the D800 was impressive. I have the Canon EOS-1v so I was thinking hard of switching to Nikon. Upon some digging around, I found the following uneasiness:

1. Camera labs thinks that the 5D Mark III looks better starting from ISO 800 and up.


2. DPReview also shows better ISO performance of the 5D Mark III at ISO 800 and up. It is more obvious if you look carefully at the greyscale chart at 100% crop.


3. Ron Mart published disappointed live view performance of the D800 compared to 5D3:


Then, it was an easy choice for me. That's why I get ticked of easily when people keep mentioning this D800 or that D800E.

Pedal2Floor Senior Member • Posts: 1,268
I went to Nikon APS and now I am back to Oly

I went to D300s. Purchase a bunch of lenses, but Nikon nor 3rd party really care about DX format.

There are occasions where APS will be better than 4/3s, but not really. Full Frame will give you a lot of resolution but for a cost.

My favorite lens is the Nikon 105mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Macro Lens.  There is still no equivalent for that lens.  Until the E-M1, Nikon handled flash much better.  Now I can manage Nikon and Olympus strobes together in 3 separate groups which is awesome!

I will gladly accept any compromises of the E-M1 for the portability and weight savings.

I will keep my Nikon 300s for certain shooting situations.

If you are going to switch, you consider FF D600 since most of your lenses are going to fall into the FF category and there is little reason from image IQ pov to go with APS.

That being said, the D400 if it should EVER come out may be a game changer should it come out and be mirror less and perhaps and electronic shutter and say between 16 to 18mpx.  They need to resolve ISO issues because above 800 ISO the D300s struggles.  Getting nice JPEG out of a Nikon like you can with Olympus is a chore and you might as well just shoot RAW.

You ultimately need to decide what you want.  I am choosing portability but keeping my Nikon gear for niche reasons.

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Re: I went to Nikon APS and now I am back to Oly

I went from E-5 to EM-5, regretted the choice because of the EVF with sports and switched to Nikon. First a D200 with 80-200, then a D300, now a D600. I'm happy with my decision, and ordered a Nikon 24-70 f2.8 recently. However there are qualities (some hard to define) that Olympus has that I miss. Enough that I am considering an E-1 for amusement

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Sergey_Green Forum Pro • Posts: 11,996
Hi Dave,

dave gaines wrote:


Does anyone have any thoughts on APS versus "full frame"?

In your case I would be looking at OM-D1 first. You already have lenses, and I understand the good ones, why not continue using them. It is only the body to change, and so not a big loss.

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- sergey

Sergey_Green Forum Pro • Posts: 11,996
Kind of very little difference I think ..

Bao Ha wrote:

When comparing the huge volume of data accumulated over measuring 147 lenses, one very surprising result was revealed. The average sharpness scores of the Canon EOS 5D Mark III matched the Nikon D800 and if the results were based solely on the mean average, the Canon actually out-performed the Nikon.

More pixels will give you higher resolution, but Canon lenses from what I see are quiet good also. Here is a good example,

Roger Buys a Camera System: A 24-70mm System Comparison

This was on dpr front page in January.

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- sergey

alexisgreat Veteran Member • Posts: 6,459
Re: why Olympus is best

I love the 4:3 format sensors (micro or otherwise) it fits in perfectly with 1600x1200 LCDs and 7.5x10 printing, and I would never buy a camera that did not have pixel mapping or the direct live histogram feature, both of which are Olympus exclusives.

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Ben Herrmann
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Decisions, decisions...and so many choices

What is a typical guy to do....

Look mannnnnn, I hear you.  As a long time multi-brand user, I can easily say that the decisions are many when it comes to all of this.  After all, all the brands offer some wonderful offerings - that's for sure.

But let me be the first to tell you right that "should" you make the decision to forgo Olympus and then pick up a Nikon or Canon camera - no matter how wonderful that camera may seem, you will inevitably wind up regretting it in the long run.  We've just all begun too accustomed with a wide variety of Olympus traits - whether they be color tonality, 4/3 format, and other scenarios.  Now don't get me wrong because the D7100 is a wonderful camera....so is the D5200.

But what is occurring within the micro 4/3 community now-a-days is nothing short of sensational.  IMO, the logical progression for you would be to get an E-M1 - thus ensuring you can use all of your regular 4/3 Zuiko glass.  The advances made in the m4/3 arena have really been astounding, in particular, developing parity with regular APS-C sized DSLR's.  And we're talking speed and low noise, high ISO scenarios.

In addition to the micro 4/3 cameras I currently shoot with - the Oly E-M5, E-PL5, E-P3 and the Panny GF1, GX1, and G5, I've also had the luxury (privilege) of owning the Fuji X-E1, the Samsung NX300, and the Canon EOS M.  Now please note that all of these cameras are wonderful - which reinforces what I mentioned in my 2nd paragraph above.  But regardless of the performance levels of the other-brand cameras just mentioned, I find myself continuing to shoot primarily with the micro 4/3 cameras.

So getting a D7100 camera (heck, I should used to shoot with a variety of Nikon DSLR's - loved them and always will), is not a bad decision at all.  But I'll tell you, once you get accustomed to shooting with micro 4/3 camera bodies, you tend to become spoiled!

So again - my suggestion would be to "keep it within the family" if you are so inclined.  The E-M1 is winning rave comments and reviews all over the place.

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Have a great one....
Bernd (Ben) W. Herrmann
North Carolina, USA

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