No electronic shutter on EM1?

Started Sep 15, 2013 | Discussions
AustinB Regular Member • Posts: 380
Re: No electronic shutter on EM1?

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

Nikon appear to have implemented the feature better with their 1-series of cameras. The latest models have 14MP, and I've never seen anything very negative about the rolling shutter artefacts.

I agree. Owning a v1 and OMD, the silent shutter option is really a great reason to keep the camera around. No artifacts at all, never had issues. Having a silent shutter comes into play much more than I would have thought.

Stephen787 Regular Member • Posts: 491
Re: No electronic shutter on EM1?

if fujifilm can release a firmware to implement electronic shutter on an existing camera, i do not see why olympus would refused any longer. The market EM1 compete in is hotting up with more and more camera.

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