Is this an Olympus!!??

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Is this an Olympus!!??


I'm searching for a camera that I saw someone with, I couldn't quite catch the brand but thought I read Olympus. Here are the details I saw:

Small, compact camera, black.
Had a plate over the lens which you fold down and it becomes a stand. It just folds to parallel with the ground, and when you fold it back up it may retract the lens or turn the camera off.
Has a hot shoe
I don't believe it had a screen on the back so it may be a 35mm film camera.

Sorry this is all I have but the real distinguishing feature is the flip up lens protector. Have scoured the net to no avail, hope you guys know!



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Re: Is this an Olympus!!??
OP Skreech New Member • Posts: 2
Re: Is this an Olympus!!??

Yes that's it!
Wow, great work, thanks so much.

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