anyone else deeply disturbed by this example from Sony?

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Barrie Davis
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Be careful what you wish for.

108 wrote:

Sony knows that big irises are an open sexual invitation...disturbed ? what's the matter with you people, you're all gays ?

No. It is not big irises that are sexy. Big pupils are a turn-on.

Pupils are the dark bit in the middle. Irises are the coloured bit around the middle.

Because they become dilated on arousal, enlarged and lustrous pupils are considered alluring in traditional Asian and European cultures. Less so in the States, where large pupils have come to be associated with drug taking.

As it is, with the Sony treatment shown in the picture the WHOLE of the eye appears pumped up (inflated) fit to go off Pop! This is similar to a serious diseased condition.

Note: Big eyes are generally associated with juveniles of all species, making all babies endearing and worthy of nurturing. Unfortunately, excessively big eyes in the faces of mature women is fostering any tendency to paedophilia, as do the very small childlike noses created by plastic surgeons..

[Nasty!? Certainly it is nasty.]

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"Ahh... But the thing is, these guys were no ORDINARY time travellers!"

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Toccata47 Senior Member • Posts: 2,800
Who cares? You choose what effects to apply, if any.

I'm no more "deeply disturbed" about the alien effect than I am about having an option to cross process or see a composition in black and white....sheesh, it's a filter effect there are real things in the world to be concerned about.

antoineb Veteran Member • Posts: 6,633
If true it's quite funny - you forgot to include the link though

bigwigthebig wrote:

I was on Sony's website today and saw this example of the types of things that the RX100 can do with it's beauty effects and think that the alien appearance of the picture on the right may haunt my dreams for quite some time. This is the best that they can do? I'm going to buy this camera just so that I can make everyone's irises twice the normal size.

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Re: Where is a link? I can't find it...

bigwigthebig wrote:

OK, it's not specific to the RX100, it's a general thing.

That's just plain vile. It should be called the Barbie effect.

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Yikes! NT


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Take a picture, it'll last longer.

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