Will there be a EOS M Successor?

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Re: Will there be a EOS M Successor?

Mirrorless sales have been poor in Europe and NA. But, given Canon's brand recognition and overall sales, there's no reason why the EOS M cannot succeed and do better than any other MILC system. There are just so many people using Canon DSLRs and invested in lenses. It should be a relatively easy sell for Canon. But they mucked it up.

Canon just needs to get the system better sorted and fix the marketing.

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Re: Nikon 1 pulling back lenses from the US too

I believe some of the Samsung NX lenses are listed similarly.

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Canon could easily do extremely well in the U.S. by just making and EOS M with:

A 70D sensor (or one like it to match EOS M);

A titling or articulating LCD;


a complete EOS M lens system;

and sped up AF though the 70D sensor should easily solve this problem.

All this should make Canon number one in mirrorless as well.

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Re: Will there be a EOS M Successor?

Canon just needs to get the system better sorted and fix the marketing.

In the US, it's as if they realized that the original AF speed wasn't up to their standards, so they didn't bother to advertise / promote it.

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Canon Rumour Update...


"Same sensor as 70D?
Another couple of emails have mentioned at least one of the updated EOS M bodies will feature the same 20.2mp APS-C sensor as the EOS 70D. DIGIC 6 is also going to be in both bodies. We’ve reported this before, it just seems we’re getting more confirmations on the topic.

We also got a mention about an EF-M 55-200 IS STM lens coming whenever a body is announced. We have heard various focal lengths for the telephoto zoom that will come to the EF-M mount. A grain of salt on this one.

I receive emails almost daily asking about the possibility of a full frame EOS M body. I do not see this happening for the foreseeable future.

We haven’t confirmed the reports of an announcement this week, nor have we heard from the usual suspects in that regard. I would think if Canon wants to reinvigorate the EOS M line, then a little bit of fanfare should be expected."

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Re: Maybe not...

Photato wrote:

From serious rumors, Sony is coming with a Full Frame NEX system in October.

Canon could abort EOS-M and instead, make it Full Frame.

Thinking long term, once the AF speed of mirrorless cameras match the SLR speed, and we are almost there, The EF SLRs will become "obsolete". (mirrorless has the optical edge, besides size, cost and reliability)

But Canon could come instead with a tweener, that is larger than APS-C but much cheaper to make than FF, that would be, APS-H and could become their only mirrorless mount.

Not having to run two mirrorless mounts in parallel would make sense.

Lets see what happens...

Yeah Sony Mirrorless Full Frame is here !

So Canon is free now to make its move on mirrorless.

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