solid and amazing

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MasDhani New Member • Posts: 1
solid and amazing

This is my 1st camera, actually when I want to buying camera, I focused on budget, and after I browsing I found this K-01, at that time there is promotion, and I buy at $460 with 2 lens kit, 18-55mm and 50-200mm, day by day I used this camera, I fell this is an amazing camera, with special price and full with feature, may be because I'm still newbie, but trust me this is a solid & great camera

and as a mirrorless camera he doesn't need to use any adapter for other Pentax lens, because he have the same mount with SLR Pentax's


my concern is, he can't use trigger

Pentax K-01
16 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 2, 2012
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ASR45 Forum Pro • Posts: 36,639
Re: solid and amazing

Nice to know, i have also seen good things from it.

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JeffAHayes Senior Member • Posts: 1,968
Re: solid and amazing

It didn't appeal to me, but one of our forum members who lives in Montreal has posted a great many beautiful nature images -- primarily frogs and other "water" shots -- he took with his, so it's obviously a camera capable of producing some excellent images in the right hands.


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brandrx Forum Pro • Posts: 28,337
Re: solid and amazing

The K-01 is an extremely fun camera to use IMO. I liked it so much that I bought seven of them. I have given away three so far and I might give one more away. However, I am keeping a black, a white, and a yellow one for myself.


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leopold Forum Pro • Posts: 14,083
Re: solid and amazing

Glad you like it so much !

I also like mine a lot, sure it's not perfect but it's so much fun to shoot with and it feels solid in the hands. IQ is great and it might become a collector item

Happy shooting.

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mike703 Veteran Member • Posts: 6,685
Re: solid and amazing

I agree.  It has some obvious limitations but the IQ for the money (mine was £219 UK, cheaper than my mid-range compact) is great.  It's not much use for sports / action but for anything that doesn't move much it works fine.

Best wishes

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