Best way to match non-greys in LR

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Albino_BlacMan Senior Member • Posts: 1,006
Best way to match non-greys in LR

I'm wondering if there's any way to match non-grey colours in Lightroom (LR4 in my case). For example, say I have two pictures and I want to match the colour of the foliage to the colour of the foliage in another. What is the best way to get them the same shade of green?

Any tips (or links to tutorials) would be greatly appreciated!

Ysarex Senior Member • Posts: 1,335
Re: Best way to match non-greys in LR

Easy to do in Photoshop and I'm sorry if that wasn't helpful, but it is the best answer.

In LR you can use the Color Sampler tool on photo #1 and note the RGB values for the sample. Then in photo #2 you can again use the Color Sampler tool and sample the color that you want to convert to the same color in photo #1.

Next adjust color temp and tint (whole photo) or go to the HSL tab and start adjusting Hue values to get the RGB values in the sample photo #2 to to match the RGB values you had for the sample photo #1. If you want to restrict the color change to a specific region on the photo you can take your sample in photo #2 and then use the Adjustment brush to isolate the region you want to change, but in this case you'll be limited to temp and tint to modify the color.

Albino_BlacMan OP Senior Member • Posts: 1,006
Re: Best way to match non-greys in LR


Any tips for trying to get it right? Also what's the best way with photoshop? I have elements so I have most of the features (even if they're restricted to 8 bit) so I should be able to make some stuff work.



Sailor Blue
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Re: Best way to match non-greys in LR

Matching colors between two photos in Photoshop can be done with the Color Match command.

Adobe - Photoshop / Matching, replacing, and mixing colors

Photoshop Essentials - Matching Colors Of Objects Between Photos With Photoshop

Here is a procedure for changing colors in Photoshop Elements but I don't think you will be able to do what you want with only Elements.

Essential - Photoshop Elements - Change Color Like Magic

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