Panasonic G6 mini review from full frame user

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Re: In practice .

cwathington wrote:

I'm not being defensive at all. I said the OPs review was pretty good.

But, from intuition, not from actual use (which he acknowledges in the thread), he's giving people the wrong impression. I'm fine with more DOF in m4/3, and I'm not saying it's the same as FF, but subject isolation via shallow DOF isn't difficult. Super shallow DOF is hard, but not subject isolation. Full stop.

Obviously, being able to get subject isolation is dependent on how well you can achieve shallow DOF.

People seem to be upset or perturbed by the use of the word "hard" or "difficult". Well, then let's just replace these words with numbers. For example,

FF: 50mm at f/1.4, focused at 10 feet = 1.02 ft DOF

m4/3: 25mm at f/1.4, focused at 10 feet = 2.07 ft DOF

You can do this with various other focal lengths, and you'll always find that the DOF with 4/3 is always at least double what it is with FF. So instead of saying that shallower DOF, or subject isolation, is "harder" or "more difficult" with m4/3, let's just say that whatever you're trying to shoot, at whatever distance, at whatever aperture, you're going to always get at least twice the DOF from m4/3 as you are from FF. There. No passing judgement, using judgmental words like "harder" or "more difficult" or whatever. It's simply twice the DOF. And having twice the DOF will obviously impact your ability to isolate the subject from the background.  Good or bad, hard or easy, difficult or not difficult, people can decide for themselves.

But if you want to see examples of good subject isolation, easily achieved, benefitting from the use of FF, see my post below.

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Joachim Gerstl
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Re: Fair "review", except for DOF comments

Thank you. I mentioned that I just had this lens on hand and I also mentioned that this lens can not exploit the potential of the camera.

Using a kit zoom on a full frame like the 24-105L gives you the same DOF control than a fast prime, like the 1.8/45mm on m43. So there is a difference in DOF control. It is a physical law.

And using a fast lens on a full frame opens a new world.

If DOF control is what you are looking for m43 isn't the best choice.

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: well ...

Joachim Gerstl wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

You pretty much lost me when you quoted the classic FF addict's lament ... with a 4/3" sensor it is hard to separate the subject from the background.

A nonsense statement without all sorts of qualifications ...

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