What was your first digital camera?

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1997 Ricoh RDC-2E

My first was a Ricoh RDC-2E that was about 800,000 pixels. Yeah, zero point 8 megapixels! And anyone who thinks you don't need megapixels for a good photo should look at the crap this thing produced.

And it only cost me $700... to get photos like this. (Not intended to be a great shot, I was just shooting pics of the area.)

Paul B Jones
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Canon 10D - Unhappy Experience

Canon 10D. Could not keep the sensor clean (thought it was dust but in retrospect it was probably massive lubricant splatter). Gave up on digital photography for a few years in frustration. Picked up the 30D a few years later and haven't looked back.

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Fazal Majid
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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Fuji MX700 (1.3MP), circa December 1998.

Actually, I had a Mitsubishi DJ-1000 camera before that. but it was an absolute piece of garbage and unusable for any serious purpose.

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Fazal Majid (www.majid.info)

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

I started with an Oly 2100 UZ. 2.1 megapixels and a 10 x zoom. Ok picture quality but it chewed through doubleA batteries like no tomorrow.  I've still got it but will never use it again.

MOD Olga Johnson Forum Pro • Posts: 24,128
Agfa 307 - 1997

The Agfa 307 was great as a first camera. Besides, who needed anything bigger than 640 x 480?  

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Joel in Goe Forum Member • Posts: 84
Casio Exilim S1

Wonderful piece of technology - the size of a credit card, and this is in 2003

Set the basis for my desire for tiny cameras. As my definition of "good enough" has changed, the size has gradually crept up (via Canon Ixus i, Fuji F30 and LX3/5) to reach the heights of m4/3 now

When 1.4 Megapixels was just not enough any more, I upgraded to the Exilim S20:

Now with 2 whole Megapixels - enough for anyone

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Some kind of Fuji 0.9MP - can't remember the model

But here are some sample pics. I can't seem to find the exact model. All i can remember is many people hacked the O/S and installed Doom on it!

What it lacked in resolution it also lacked in sharpness... not complaining though it was a gift. I saved up $1,200 for my next camera, a DSC-S70 I bought purely based off reviews in DPreview. (OK also two competitor websites that are still around)

Suhas Sudhakar Kulkarni Regular Member • Posts: 290
Re: What was your first digital camera?

Mine was Minolta F300, which I purchased in 2003. I still have it, although I do not use it. I got more advanced cameras now.

This is a nice little camera with complete manual control support and loads of functionality (like customer white balance!) which was rare at that times. 5 Mp images are good, but video quality is so-so

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Re: Sony F717

MediaArchivist wrote:

Loved this camera! Awesome lens, "night vision", and pretty rugged, to boot. Sadly, after 6 years and tens of 1000s of photos, the sensor failed and I was forced to upgrade to an R1.

The F707 was my second digital camera and it still works perfectly to this day. The laser focus grid was pretty cool and would sometimes freak people out if you used it in a dark environment. I don't think that camera ever had focus errors.


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Olympus C-2100 UZ

Olympus C-2100 UZ - in early 2001. I used to love it...

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Olympus C-8080

In 2004, this was one of the finest digital cameras to hit the market, and it proved to be a classic. The C-8080 now seems unacceptably slow, but it still produces superb images. I could not have chosen a better camera at the time.

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Nastavnik Regular Member • Posts: 361
Re: What was your first digital camera?

Well, le t me see,

I started with a canon G3, 4MP I believe. Quite expensive too at the time. I believe it was 2002 or 2003. It was a good camera in fact, and the one that first made me believe digital wasn't all crap (i am talking compact models). I have some very nice photos of sicily made with it, and one that was even printed rather succesfully  at 40cmx30cm. Though one should try and keep isos around 50 (I didn't know that back then, iso 400 is already quite noisy --- but at least I did get that last photo of my grandfather, under bad lighting, while with film I would hve had no way to know he moved in the first attempt).

Most impressive part: that camera still works. I use it as a polaroid, when I am testing the lighting for photos taken with my RB67.  I must say that since then, no other camera I've had has had the same longevity. Though the fuji f200exr still performs nicely (but it has half the age of the g3).

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Olympus C-700 zoom (2 mp).  Bought in 2002. Have some great pictures from that camera.

liquid stereo
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Sony F717 as well

MediaArchivist wrote:

Loved this camera! Awesome lens, "night vision", and pretty rugged, to boot. Sadly, after 6 years and tens of 1000s of photos, the sensor failed and I was forced to upgrade to an R1.

It was my first as well. Excellent camera. Everything except for the easily saturated red channel.

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Casio QV-10. Purchased in Hong Kong Jan 1996. Still have it/

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Kodak DC260.  Had some very advanced features for the time, but I moved on pretty quickly. Purchased in late 2000 or 2001 I believe.

amazing image, once upon a time...

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Here's a C-700 picture.  Took it on my second trip to the Obed River Canyon in Tennessee (2002).

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2001: Kodak DC 4800 /nt
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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Kodak C300, 3MP fixed focus lens.  Gave it to my granddaughter.

First in a long line of Kodaks, last one is the Z990 which I'm using this weekend.

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Canon Powershot g1. Year was 2001, I think March.

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