What was your first digital camera?

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contadorfan Senior Member • Posts: 1,730
Kodak DX7630

Back in 2005.

The Kodak DX7630 -- what a wonderful camera! It was the first camera I'd ever owned, having been content with disposables during the hectic child-rearing, career-building years. But with a full time job (and 3 kids still), I never learned what all the bells & whistles were for or what PASM was all about. The little flower symbol? I thought that was Flower mode, for shooting pictures of gardens! After a year and a half, I discovered the zoom lever. For someone who didn't know squat about photography, that Kodak camera sure made beautiful photos.

My son lost it on a trip to France. Then I realized how much I loved having a camera and couldn't live without one. When I bought a replacement, I vowed to learn something about photography in order to get the most out of the camera.

That was 3 years and eight cameras ago.

Schneider-Kreuznach, f2.8

I used SCN mode and could turn the flash off or on.

Here's a gushing review of the DX7630. The author drooled over the huge 2.2 inch LCD screen & Kodak's amazing EasyShare app, but wondered who in heck needs 6 mps. As ever (& will be for the rest of our lives?): "pictures are noisy at high ISOs."


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Adsum Regular Member • Posts: 296
Re: What was your first digital camera?

A friends wife worked in a wholesale warehouse. They were selling very basic digital camera's. One MP, no controls, no memory, if you switched the camera off you lost the pics. They were £5. and I had never seen one before so I bought one. By a sheer chance I went to the Lake district that day and fired off a few shots with little or no expectations. When I came home and looked at the finished result I was hooked. I next bought a second hand Canon Powershot for £30 off ebay.

I moved on up to a Nikon D50 plus lens's, but recently went down if that's the right word to a Panasonic FZ150. For the simple reason that at 70 years old I don't fancy carrying a bag full of equipment around with me.

salla30 Senior Member • Posts: 2,596
OLY C2000Z

nice thread

Olympus C2000Z back in 1999 if i remember. Cost me 500 quid in the day 2mp. Lol. loved it to bits.

Now for 500 quid you can get a good APSC DSLR and maybe some extra lenses

Funnily enough, virtually all the cameras i have bought since have hovered around that price; each one being a leap ahead in quality, not surprisingly.

Our lot in the late 90's taken with the OLY.

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DaveOl Veteran Member • Posts: 3,203
Canon PowerShot S10

My first digital camera was the Canon Powershot S 10 when they were reduced at the Ritz Camera store. It was only a 2 MP camera with a 2x zoom, but I was amazed how good the images came out for a point and shoot. I tried taking a couple of pictures of it, but the aluminum body reflects too much light and the images looked really grainy of it. I remember taking a picture of a semi-submersible oil rig in Galveston Bay that I blew up to about 3 feet by 4 1/2 feet on an Epson Plotter at work and was amazed how good it looked. The image showed zig zags on the diagonal guy wires on the rig because of the low mp.

That's a cat hair on the camera, I had a hard time getting her away from the camera to get the picture.  She must have thought I put it down on the floor to play with.

First digital camera.

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Alan Crawshaw Regular Member • Posts: 137
Re: What was your first digital camera?

I had the C1000-L from the same line but only 0.85MP. I passed it on to my son when I upgraded to The C2100UZ in 2000. The C1000-L failed a couple of years later but I still use the UZI.

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Olympus C2100UZ, Sony A700, A55, A77

tkpatric Senior Member • Posts: 1,625
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Pedagydusz Veteran Member • Posts: 5,548
Olympus C-400L. It had an OVF!!!!

Still last century!!! 800x600 Px, no card, only internal memory, photos had to be transferred by a proprietary cable to the computer, a Macintosh Power Book 180.

Still have both!  

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FRANCISCO ARAGAO Regular Member • Posts: 194
Re: What was your first digital camera?

In 1996 I bought this Panasonic PV-JB1000, no USB connection, only serial port, no optical zoom, no flash. Its fully functional but I wouldnt shoot with it again, the IQ is very bad.

Cam and cradle

DHedgehog wrote:

I started out with a Casio in the early 2000s that my father bought for me. It was cheap and rather nasty, but I remember how much fun it was shooting with that. I don't remember what model it was. I still have some of the pictures, but this was before EXIF, so I don't have the model number. What was your first digital camera, and would you go back and shoot with it again?

This article got me thinking about this: he started with a Casio QV-10: https://medium.com/people-gadgets/c25ab786ce49

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marike6 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,088
Nikon D70

The Nikon D70. It's a wonderful camera, and is now used mostly by my wife. But it still works as well today as it did the day I took it out of the shiny gold box.

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EinsteinsGhost Forum Pro • Posts: 11,977
Late adopter of digital...

... and started with Sony F828, purchased in December 2003. The camera is still in use.

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Spillicus Contributing Member • Posts: 678
Creative Webcam Go

A Creative Webcam Go.

No LCD, manual focus, AAA batteries, 640x480 resolution.  Basically a webcam that ran off batteries with a shutter button.  ~$125 in 2000.  It sucked, but it was kind of fun.

My next digital camera was a Canon S45 for Christmas 2002.  A great little camera, the image quality was a revelation to me at the time.  I got a great 5 years of use out of it until my brother the marine took it to Afghanistan, never to be seen again.

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jomarie Contributing Member • Posts: 540
1999 2 MP Ricoh

I was among the first in our group to have a digital camera. Everyone  was in awe.  I even printed out some decent pictures.

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Rexgig0 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,516
Re: What was your first digital camera?

My wife bought me a tiny Olympus pocket digital camera, the model designation now "disremembered." It was difficult to hold, and I tended to drop it if I was not very careful, though I managed to keep it from being damaged. Holding it steady, to get an image, was an exercise in frustration. The tiny memory card was also quite easy to fumble. This Olympus has largely sat in its case, unused, for years, a definite set-back, which delayed my love of photography for a considerable period of time. I think my siater-in-law now has it, but she prefers a somewhat larger Canon.

My Casio GZone Type V mobile phone performed quite well as a digital camera phone, as does the Casio Boulder. I have yet to enter the "smart" phone era.

My first personal purchase of a dedicated digital camera was a Sony DSC-H20; I handled a display model at a computer store, and liked its ergonomics, compared to the aforementioned Olympus, and my Kyocera T4 film camera. This camera planted the seed for my interest in trying a DSLR. If I recall correctly, this was about 2009.

The digital camera that "clicked" for me, no pun intended, was a Nikon D300s, a camera issued to my wife by her employer. The ergonomics and controls of this camera really started my enthusiasm for photography; before this point, a camera was a peripheral item. I am now, primarily, a DSLR shooter.

I would shoot with my original Sony again. It is not a bad little camera. I am more likely to put a pancake lens on a DSLR, however, when I want to carry a smaller camera.

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I wear a badge and pistol, and, primarily with 7D cameras, with 10-22mm and 100mm Macro L lenses, shoot evidentiary images at night, which incorporates elements of portrait, macro, still life, landscape, architecture, PJ, and occasional action.

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Jan Chelminski Senior Member • Posts: 1,229
Olympus E-10, bought new for $1,600.00, I think...

I remember it was a lot of money, but also, that it was a huge bargain compared to the interchangeable lens cameras of the day, a great first digicam.

I still had a big darkroom then, with two enlargers (one with cold head and a great Schneider APO Componon), big sink and archival print wash area, so I was shooting the E-10 alongside my Nikon F5 and Oly OM-4T.

Sure, its got lots of wear, metal showing, but it still works fine! Olympus builds solid cameras, they've never let me down in over 30 years starting with my OM-2 in 1981.

Good times!

aja2 Veteran Member • Posts: 3,657
Agfa ePhoto 1280

with all of .7 mp.

Still have some of the pix from it, too. I won it @ MacWorld SF by wearing a ridiculous 'Agfa' hat I made from their signs, back when MacWorld was fun. *sigh*

gerry328 Regular Member • Posts: 270
Kodak DX3600 (2002-2009)

2.2 MP with MOV video and sound. Nice skin tones, relatively good lowlight IQ with its flash due to low pixel density. Only gave it up when spare parts were no longer available in 2009. Went back to my Nikon FM2n, then bought a Nikon D5000 in 2010.

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Robert Anderson Senior Member • Posts: 2,261
Ricoh RDC-2

about .5 MP

hjr13 Senior Member • Posts: 2,527
Re: What was your first digital camera?

MY first camera I bought an Epson PhotoPC 750, but I returned it because it was defective. I then bought a Canon G1 which I used until I bought my first DSLR.

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MediaArchivist Veteran Member • Posts: 4,183
Sony F717

Loved this camera! Awesome lens, "night vision", and pretty rugged, to boot. Sadly, after 6 years and tens of 1000s of photos, the sensor failed and I was forced to upgrade to an R1.

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rurikw Senior Member • Posts: 1,337
Nikon Coolpix 5000 in 2003

5 Mpix. Great solid magnesium alloy body inspired confidence. Immediately fell in love with the flip and swivel screen. Could never since understand why not every camera has one. Also got the WA converter which got me down to 19mm equivalent. Great piece of glass that, unlike many, allowed zooming. Overused it. Took me years to learn to use the camera properly in spite of decent UI and good controls. Didn't understand the relationship between sensor size and DOF and had never heard about diffraction so shot mostly at f8. Decent IQ nonetheless at base ISO. Very noisy beyond. Firmware upgrade allowed RAW but didn't really understand what that was about until well into my next cam. Upgraded to Sony R1 in 2007. My second camera is now an iPhone 4S. Might still use the Coolpix if need macro, where it beats both.

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