What was your first digital camera?

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Kodak DC215 Millennium

In 1999, a $399 1.0 MP fixed focus Kodak camera, the DC215 Millennium. It was a kick to point and shoot but beyond 4" X 6" prints it was pretty nasty.

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

Kodak dx6490. It was a really good camera.

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John Summers
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Re: What was your first digital camera?

A Cannon S90 after I read the review in Wired magazine.

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Peter A. Stavrakoglou Veteran Member • Posts: 7,924
Re: What was your first digital camera?

The Fuji S6900Z was my first digicam too - and I still have it.  That began my foray into digital and buying cameras that far surpass my skill level.  But it's been fun.

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yooperguy Senior Member • Posts: 1,870
Re: What was your first digital camera?

A Kodak DC4800 .  It produced good images, if you didn't try to print too large.  I had it for about five years, and replaced it with a Canon A620, which my wife continues to use.  I sold the DC4800 to a friend for his kids to use, and I think they are still using it as teenagers.


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mgd43 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,322
Re: What was your first digital camera?

I was late to the game. My first digital was a Nikon D50 in 2006. It was a great camera at iso 800 or less.

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daddyo Forum Pro • Posts: 12,670
Kodak DC-5000

2 megapixels, weather sealed, built like a hammer -- 70-140 ISO and max shutter speed of 1/400 Sec.

The only camera I've ever owned that I sold for more than I paid for it! I kinda wish I still had it:-D

God Bless,





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sportyaccordy Forum Pro • Posts: 12,305
Re: What was your first digital camera?

Fujifilm s6000fd. It looked and cost like a DSLR, but didnt shoot like one, and needed to be fixed for some fatal focusing issue within 2 years of purchase. I should have bought an actual DSLR.

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DaveLemi Regular Member • Posts: 366
Canon S10

Great camera- for its time (2000). I think it was 3mp.. Got it to take pics of first born. I don't remember why I chose it over others, but I remember lusting after a Sony model.

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The Davinator
The Davinator Forum Pro • Posts: 21,057
Re: What was your first digital camera?

Nikon Coolpix 800, and then a Canon D30.

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Henry Falkner
Henry Falkner Forum Pro • Posts: 14,288
Chinon ES-1000

In 1997 I bought a no-name ES-1000, which turned out to be from Chinon. In the 1960s and 1970s the brand was familiar to Super-8 home-cine buyers. It cost me NZ$ 300.-. It see3med worth a try since a few years before I had bought an Olympus IS-2000 all-in-one 35mm SLR for $1200.-.

The Chinon ES-1000 had only an internal memory, good for 8 pictures at fine quality and 16 pictures for normal quality. I now regret I shot at normal quality - this example is at maximum resolution -

I darkened the midtones on this one.

The ES-1000 had an optical tunnel view finder and no LCD, but the single throw-away Lithium battery lasted for months in my actual use. The guy who bought it off me used it to document his tour through all the British folk festivals in 1998 (he relayed his reports complete with photos from phone booths near the festival sites). Afterwards when in Canada the camera died on him. When he told me after his return I asked him - 'Did you change the battery?' 'What battery!' was his reply.

There is some folk stuff in my gallery here -


I have just learnt that this camera was better known as a Kodak DC20.


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vrot01 Regular Member • Posts: 279
2001 canon powershot s30

not a bad little 3 Mp camera... i think i still have it tucked away somewhere... not a camera i'd shoot with again given the choice...


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William Carson
William Carson Veteran Member • Posts: 5,871
Re: What was your first digital camera?

One Mp and much uglier in person. Not a winner but a start.

The second camera was and still is one of my favorites. Nikon coolpix 950

AuroraProject08 Forum Member • Posts: 99
Re: What was your first digital camera?

Sony DSC-S50, 2 megapixel with a 3x zoom!

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Olympus C3020
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Timj351 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,165
Canon S100 Digital Elph

Mine was the little Canon Powershot S100 Digital Elph, the little brother to the S10 mentioned previously. They both are only 2mp. It was a fun camera for its time and I took a lot of shots with it, including vacation pics to Mauii that I still cherish. It was built like a tank and still works perfectly to this day. The optical viewfinder looks positively huge compared to todays tiny viewfinders. Not every feature is an improvement on todays cameras.

Here is a shot from it that still holds up pretty well on-screen.


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RobBobW Contributing Member • Posts: 777
Re: Agfa ePhoto CL20

1.3 MP, no focus because EVERYTHING was in focus.  No LCD on the back.  Auto everything. But, it was a lot of fun!

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Re: What was your first digital camera?

For research on a book project I was managing in 2001, I bought on the company's behalf a 2MP Konica Minolta. It was very large, and it cost 750 Singapore dollars. (About the same as a Fuji X20 today.) Put it down to experience. I hadn't a clue what I was doing with it.

Around 2002, I bought a 4MP (WOW!) Pentax Optio 430RS. It cost over 1000 S$. It looked cute, had all the right controls, but a truly dreadful sensor (I think it was manufactured by Casio, who had a virtually identical camera in their own range).

Then I bought a Pentax *istD - for over 2000 S$ - can't remember the exact price, but it was just before the first Canon Rebel/600D came out at a killer price and changed the market for ever. I didn't want the Canon because it was built like plastic toy.

I have been following the Pentax road ever since, with occasional infidelities such as the Fuji X10, which have not been totally satisfactory.

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wazu Senior Member • Posts: 1,408
Canon Powershot G1 2000
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Cope Veteran Member • Posts: 6,330
Re: What was your first digital camera?

HP C200.  I donated it to a photography class years ago.

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