The one thing about your N1?

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Blanko00 Regular Member • Posts: 244
The one thing about your N1?

What one thing...just the one thing, is it that you rate above all others in your Nikon 1?

It's just interesting seeing how others use and appreciate different facets of their camera. Remember: just one.

For me it's the quality for the size.

stefanik Regular Member • Posts: 131
Re: The one thing about your N1?
For me it's the quality for the size.

Me too

jst13 Regular Member • Posts: 227
Re: The one thing about your N1?

if only one....then again qualitiy for size......because that is the sum of sum excellent single features

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jwhphotos Regular Member • Posts: 336
Re: The one thing about your N1?

the fast autofocus at high shooting rates

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Sonyshine Veteran Member • Posts: 8,837
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Decently quick autofocus.

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David A. Hamments
David A. Hamments Senior Member • Posts: 1,478
Re: The one thing about your N1?

jwhphotos wrote:

the fast autofocus at high shooting rates

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+1 - Not only fast, but amazingly accurate when shooting objects moving very quickly!

Cheers, D. Hamments
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VertigonA380 Senior Member • Posts: 1,133
Re: The one thing about your N1?

For me it's the auto exposure in 90% of situations, most of the time the only thing I have to adjust is the EV.

DaveR43 Senior Member • Posts: 1,215
Re: The one thing about your N1?

For me it is the ability to take high quality images completely silently.  Many compact cameras can have the shutter 'sound' turned off, but the results are not of sufficient quality.

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JAF_AZ Senior Member • Posts: 2,702
+1 on the AF at high frame rate ... n/t
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Jerry R Forum Pro • Posts: 10,101
Very friendly.
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PHXAZCRAIG Forum Pro • Posts: 13,842
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Hmm.   Probably have to say 'crop factor'.    Low weight is handy, but I have smaller point-n-shoots for that.   The FT-1 adapter gives me unique capabilities for shooting wildlife.   Stick a 300F4 on there and I have effective 810F4 that I can easily carry (and pack, and afford).  Stick an 80-400g on there, and I have even more reach, plus VR and zoom.

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Simon97 Senior Member • Posts: 2,514
Re: The one thing about your N1?

I bought my J1 for many reasons. Impossible to pick just one.

1.) For the price, the lenses are of great quality. The 10-30 may be the weakest, but for a kit lens it is better than all the other SLR kit zooms I've had.

2.) Size and weight. My J1, three lenses, two batteries and a couple accessories weight in at ~2.2 pounds including the small bag I carry it all in.

3.) The camera focuses and operates fast.

Here's my little kit on the scale. My first vacation with it (to FLA), was a treat as it didn't weight me down or get in the way much. This isn't much larger than a large P&S carry case.

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JacquesC Veteran Member • Posts: 3,060
The brilliant autofocus system (n/t)
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NickRno77 Contributing Member • Posts: 679
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Build Quality, IQ, the ability to use F lenses with FT-1 that is when it arrives!

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Nick -

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One_Oldman_4U Senior Member • Posts: 1,305
Re: I like...

...the BUILD QUALITY, FAST focus, EXCELLENT IQ for such a small, compact camera. I call it my "mini DSLR". Sorry but that's more than one  

BTW...I have the N1 V1.

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OP Blanko00 Regular Member • Posts: 244
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Interesting. I see so many people who seem to enjoy the camera primarily for the extreme and accessible telephoto, I juste xpected that to come up more. But I suppose, where all that length going to get you if you can't focus quick.

JL Salvignol
JL Salvignol Senior Member • Posts: 1,622
Re: The one thing about your N1?

My Nikon V1 = the fluidity of its use.  Everything goes effortlessly and intuitively.

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wolfd Senior Member • Posts: 1,262
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Love the unequalled Autofocus speed.

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blank_ Regular Member • Posts: 249
Re: The one thing about your N1?

most compact UWA solution available.

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Zoran K Contributing Member • Posts: 778
Re: The one thing about your N1?

Stealth camera.

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