Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

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John.Laninga Senior Member • Posts: 2,363
Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

I usually don't use a tripod, although I have a cheap but usable Manfrotto.  It works, but not especially stable.  I also have an Opteka carbon monopod I use for birding. Now I have an opportunity to go on a photo shoot with emphasis on sunrise and sunset.  I need a better tripod.

Any suggestions for a good tripod, not too heavy (I have to travel with it), and reasonably sturdy?  I'll be using it for my GH3; my heaviest lens is my 100-300mm zoom.

Your recommendations are appreciated.

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PC Wheeler
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Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

Aside from the tripod, some folks use a collar from Germany to mount the GH3+100-300 from the lens vs. the body. Here's the website with the collar shown in the top image.

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magnusrn Forum Member • Posts: 60
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

Video or photo?

If it's video you'll need to spend quite a bit.

If it's photo you'll still need to spend quite a bit, but you can get away with cheaper ones if you use shutter delay/ a remote.

dv312 Veteran Member • Posts: 8,179

saw this today and thought it's a good buy, more like a steal

Flashpoint maybe made by either Benro or Triopo from China

They copy from Gitzo down to the model name

I 've used Triopo for many years now, no issues whatsoever

As to ballheads, I use Photo Clam and Markins before that


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Silvernitrate Regular Member • Posts: 212
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens
Gerry Siegel
Gerry Siegel Senior Member • Posts: 1,922
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

Have a look at the carbon tripods from company called Enduro.  I  bought a four section model and found it to be as stable as my other 3 section ones by Manfrotto and Gitzo.  Comes with add on spike feet and tools and a hefty nylon bag as well.  Magnesium in the spider mechanism for durability and easy leg spread locking....goes down low too....  Best part is that it has leg collar twist grips that work very fast and up to date design.  It is in the 300-400 dollar range, not bad for light and carbon and small folded size.  Consider same for your GH3.

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Len_Gee Veteran Member • Posts: 9,686
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

In order of  my  preference and quality.  (I have all three).

Really Right Stuff  CF

Gitzo Traveler  CF

Benro Travel Angel  CF

Just my 2€.    

Good luck in your quest.

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michaelnel Forum Member • Posts: 86
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

I am using a Sirui N-2204 with their K-20X ball head and have been very happy with it.,%20K-X,%20C-X%20&%20LSeries.html

Whatever tripod and head you end up with though, please consider getting an L-bracket from Really Right Stuff. If you ever shoot verticals, it makes it so much easier!

(unknown member) Veteran Member • Posts: 3,348
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

If budget is no object then the Gitzo Ocean Traveller.

A stunning object in it's own right as piece of industrial design, it is the ultimate go anywhere tripod and quite light.

I own the original titanium Series One version and I have never even taken a photo with it - I just have it because it is beautiful.

The Series Two version (current) moved from Titanium to a coated high grade aluminium alloy which made it lighter.

sderdiarian Veteran Member • Posts: 4,229
Re: Recommend tripod for GH3/lens

Purchased a Benro-A0690T with B00 ballhead and subsequently returned them. The height in the specifications apparently included the ball head mounted on it, and consequent raising of the post introduced some movement. It also felt heavier than the specs.

The Sirui N-1004 is a more serious tripod, but you pay in the additional weight, and it's still aluminum, not CF which is better at dampening vibration:

The Adorama CF tripod at $109 is a great price, but there are complaints on build in their comments section. It's also a bit heavy at over 3 lbs. not including the ballhead. Still, for $109, may be worth a try with a decent head.

You might also check out the Horusbennu c-2540, another economy CF tripod if on a tight budget. Always available on eBay.

My personal hunt continues, albeit with less fervor than before I bought the Benro. My holy grail of an affordable sturdy yet light travel tripod that doesn't transmit vibration (an issue with my E-M5/75-300mm combination, even when leaving the anti-shock delay on) still eludes me. Wish they made that lens collar for the 75-300mm!

Best of luck, let us know what you go with and how it works out.

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Sailin' Steve

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