Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

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BobK77 Contributing Member • Posts: 548
Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

Does anyone have hands-on experience with older version of Sigma 50-150mm f/2.8 lens?

Something like this:

I do like compactness of this lens for indoor sport - basketball/hockey.


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Miike Dougherty Contributing Member • Posts: 594
Re: Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

I own and use the older Nikon-mount version and like it a lot. It's very sharp, compact, but not light. I always use a tripod so I don't need OS. Used ones are also really expensive. I have not used the new OS version and probably won't because it is simply too large.  I haven't used it for sports, only scenics, but you will want to increase the ISO in order to freeze the sports players on the field.  Also, I'm not convinced that you really need OS when panning fast moving subjects.  For sports, I use an 80-400.

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The Big One Veteran Member • Posts: 4,564
Re: Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

I have one (the first HSM version). I really like it! The size and weight are perfect. Optically it is very good; it could be a bit better at f/2.8, but at f/4 it is very sharp and at f/5.6 you couldn't ask for better. It pairs well with my D7000.

I had considered getting the OS version for the extra sharpness wide open, but I would miss the small compact lens (it is twice as heavy and a good 50% longer). It's not worth the extra IMHO... if it were an FX lens I could see going for it, but apparently it vignettes quite heavily.

(And sorry, but I disagree with the previous poster about it not being light... OK, maybe 800g is not featherweight, but compared to any of the other portrait telephotos, not to mention exotic telephotos, it is downright tiny!)

Attached are a couple of my recent shots with it.


Last fall

It doubles as a macro lens quite well if you add some Kenko-style macro tubes

This was from last weekend

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kanaddict Senior Member • Posts: 1,001
Re: Sigma 50-150 HMS older version


I have the HSM MKII. It's a great lens. I love the size, the IQ and the fast focus. I have the 80-200 AF-S to use with my D600, but don't like it as much as the 50-150mm I think about seling the 80-200mm and use the money to buy a D7100 to be used with the 50-150mm. I used the lens mostly for sport and concert photography. This is a good buy for sure.

I can show you some pictures taken with it, but you don't realy need to see them, the lens is good !!


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slimandy Forum Pro • Posts: 17,071
Re: Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

Good lens. Excellent IQ up to about 135mm or so, then just tailed off. Worth a try if you can get one at a good price.

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bryand7k Contributing Member • Posts: 812
Re: Sigma 50-150 HMS older version

I've had the II for a couple of years. I got it rechipped by Sigma last year and that really helped.

As I only have a 2 lens kit I am actually looking to sell it. I want a wider zoo something along the lines of the Sigma 17-70 C.

I have it under the For Sale forum .. or PM if your interested.

Heres my 50-150 album ..

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