I expect the new PDAF image sensor in Oly OMD EM1 to be...

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4thnebula Senior Member • Posts: 2,418
I expect the new PDAF image sensor in Oly OMD EM1 to be...

an indication of how well the new mirrorless 1st generation A-mount cameras will work in AF speed etc. since Sony is making and co-designing the Oly sensor with them.  I would expect similar technology in the new Sony mirrorless sensor.

I expect my photographing future to be Olympus u43rds system for light weight and a Sony FF mirrorless system when I need the highest IQ and low-light capability.  I don't have any Sony SLRs now.  Am waiting for the mirrorless.

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Must it be mirrorless though?

You know, this whole "mirrorless" thing is all just still speculation. It's as if we all made up our mind what Sony is going to produce.

I have another idea. Two sensors with a pellicle mirror splitting the light in half. The two images are combined back together again. Also allows for 3D shots. Just an idea. Probably can't work like that though.

But how do we know it's going to be mirrorless? They have the upper hand with pdaf with live view and evf right now. Mirrorless on-chip pdaf might not work so well. Does the 70D work all that good? Apparently it's really a 40 megapixel sensor producing 20 megapixel images. That's awfully small. What are the results? Does the focusing work as good at least as the SLTs'?

123Mike Veteran Member • Posts: 4,643
Actually, I stand corrected...


Looks like it's good! I don't know if the 70D can do autofocusing with all their lenses, or if you need some sort of blessed overglorified super lens with a special feature. I've heard of Canons needs special things do do special things, just so that you treat Canon's cash flow in a special way. I wonder if this is one of those special things.

But, I guess on-chip pdaf is as good if not better than the SLTs... It'd be nice not to have to put up with those stupid focus points any more and just use any point on the sensor...

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