Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

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Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

I am just back from a vacation in Newfoundland.

1 - Gros Morne as seen from Salmon Point in Rocky Harbour

Here are some wildflower images from Gros Morne National Park, taken by trails at Western Brook Pond and Baker's Brook Falls:

Images 2-5 are stacked from shots 3 mm apart, using a tripod and macro rails. Shots were taken every time the wind died down and the main subject was in the same position in the frame. Several attempts at using this technique failed because of relative motion between different parts of the image. I achieved greatest success when the in-focus parts of the image moved as a unit. The stacked images were taken with my homemade 600 mm closeup lens but stacking also works well with telemacro. The images were stacked with Zerene Stacker.

2 - Sheep Laurel - 9 shots 150.5 mm 600 mm closeup lens

3 - Water Avens - 12 shots 93.2 mm 600 mm closeup lens

4 - Water Avens - 5 shots 90.9 mm 600 mm closeup lens

5 - Fringed Orchid - 13 shots - 61.2 mm 600 mm closeup lens

Single-shot images 6-8 were shot at f/8 to maximize depth-of-field, using either the 600 mm closeup lens or telemacro:

6 - Cottongrass - single shot f/8 73.0 mm 600 mm closeup lens

7 - Bakeapple or Cloudberry - single shot f/8 150.5 mm 600 mm closeup lens

8 - Sundew eating an insect - single shot telemacro - f/8 150.5 mm x 1.3 digital

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Re: Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

Very nice series Stephen--thanks for sharing!  I really like the two of the water avens and of course the orchid.  I don't see how you have the patience to do your outdoor macro work with the wind to fight?  But I sure enjoy your results!


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VisionLight Veteran Member • Posts: 4,441
Re: Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

You are intrepid at your work my friend, battling the breezes to get both technically adept and beautiful images. In the non-stacked set, I particularly like both the cottongrass and the sundew.

very nice.


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Re: Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

Stephen thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures. Yes it can get very windy there. I have a sister in law living in Twillingate and we spend a month over there a couple of years ago and we fell in love with that province.

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Re: Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

Great set, look like a beautiful place to be. I like the orchid, and the sundew the best. Thanks for posting these.

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OP Stephen Barrett Contributing Member • Posts: 683
Re: Some Newfoundland Wildflowers

Thanks Murry. The Water Avens is one of my favourites too.

Thanks Ed. The Cottongrass was absolutely impossible to stack because all the fine fibres do not move as a unit when the wind blows.

Thanks Hollander. My wife and I have also fallen in love with Newfoundland. We were there two years ago and just had to return this year. We went to Twillingate for the first time and the cliff-top ocean views at Crow Head and French Head were breathtaking.

Thanks evancj. Newfoundland is a beautiful place. I took about 1000 pictures of scenery and wildlife (birds, moose, caribou, jellyfish). Two years ago, we did whales, puffins, icebergs and the Viking settlement, so we didn't repeat them this year. Gros Morne Park is a must, though, every time we go.

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