The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1

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The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1

USS George Washington at Fisherman's Island wharf on the Brisbane river.

These are downloaded on the move so unedited jpegs from camera, I think the Olympus prefers the  container ship lots more colors for those great Olympus jpegs. Shot from a moving boat so might be sharpness issues



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Olympus XZ-1
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Re: The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1


Right place at the right time. The images look pretty sharp to me, good camera work. How did you manage to get so close, was it your boat you were on?


Larry C.

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OP Aaron Sur Senior Member • Posts: 1,160
Re: The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1

Thanks for looking mate.

Things are pretty relaxed here in Brisbane , and the water police keep over enthusiatic viewers away, there is an exclusion zone around the ship.

I took the D4 with a 70-200 as I thought telephoto will be required, will add these to the USS George Washington album in my galleries shortly.

example below

Ben O Connor
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Re: The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1

Man! A big piece of steel ! But how on earth, they let it getting rusty looks on it? I remeber in Turkihs navy the oldest possible naval ship looks ready to rumble, and not a glimpse of rust ever. Sailors (the unlucky ones on the duty for sure ) spending some rust clean issues off the harbour. Image is imporatnd. Its no serious war (THANK GOD.) anymore.

Nice footage of harbour there. Some of these modern day mother container ships are as long as the biggest naval machines. Surprising.

Great fotos. 2,3,7 & 9 are my favorites. In the second picture there are marks visible. They must be medals of the ship i guess. Most of Turkish firgates has E (excellent) and some of them has EE (extra excellent) marks on them. That comes from joint NATO trials or combat success such areas as Somali, Yugoslavia (and the other nations seperated from them) back in the days. They are also keep on duty on Red Sea for anti pirate missions, They get more medals I guess..

But , USS G. Washington... Too much marks man! God knows what they are all about. Well, they got options to do many things with such machinery.

(God knows, I would own this ship and use as a giant nuclear powered water pump to my inland seafish farms an aquaculture way of point nowadays )



ps: Did I read right, or you have some machinery in your arsenal such as D4 ? Show us more, on DPR or anywhere else we could see Aaron.

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Re: The yanks are over here!Olympus XZ-1

You got me all worried Ben about the rust , so i went and got one of those Geiger thingys on ebay and pointed it at myself but it made such a noise that the neighbours complained, it must be faulty I reckon!hahaha.

As for the D4 that's the industrial brick from work , chose it over the D800E because it is more water resistant and smaller file size. Fantastic tool but you don't want one too heavy and cumbersome. Unfortunately I can't show you many photos from it since I shoot for an agency and copyright issues. Interestingly I took only a14-24 & 70-200 lens with me and the XZ-1  was more useful for the wider views, needed something like a 24-70mm.

Have added some more images in my USS George Washington Gallery including one of a Ticonderoga class cruiser.

Interesting was the reaction from the sentries on the stern

Olympus XZ-1 = annoying tourist

Nikon D4 with 70-200 2.8AFS result below


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