Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

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Douglas K Fejer Regular Member • Posts: 416
Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

After several years of wonderful operation my I9900 has gone bad.

Here is a sample image.

I am at a complete loss if this is a hardware of software problem. Have done all of the cleaning and calibrating steps. Called Canon and they think it is a sudden Windows 8 problem.

Any suggestions?

Doug Fejer

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Doug Fejer,
Dallas, TX

Charles2 Veteran Member • Posts: 5,178
Re: Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

You might post the computer image for comparison.

You could connect the printer to a different computer (someone's laptop), perhaps running a different operating system, and do a comparison.

Michael Eckstein Senior Member • Posts: 2,179
Re: Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

Looks like a  clogged nozzle.

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paris1968 Contributing Member • Posts: 503
Re: Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

Take the print head out of its holder and clean all of the electrical contacts both on the print head and the holder.  Use contact cleaner or alcohol and a pencil eraser.  The nozzles won't function if theprint head contacts are bad.

Gesture Veteran Member • Posts: 5,705
Re: Canon I9900 Sudden Problems

I would also download a printer trial pdf or jpeg/tiff.  There are ones that give solid blocks of the 6 primaries, a B&W section, etc.  Try that first after maintenance.  Good luck.

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