Laptop and projector resolution.

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Laptop and projector resolution.

Hi All,

We have a 1400x1050 Canon projector and need to buy a new laptop to use with it.  Am I correct in assuming that if we buy a laptop with a separate graphics card then we will be able to run the projector at its native resolution via the VGA port?

If we use HDMI will that only send 1920x1080 to the projector which will then downsize?

We were thinking of something along the lines of the Dell Inspiron 15R with i5, 6Gb RAM and Radeon HD7730M card.

Any help much appreciated.

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Re: Laptop and projector resolution.

When I hook my laptop to my projector (Infocus brand, dont remember the model #) the unit and the laptop communicate through the HDMI port and the laptop sets the best resolution that it can provide.

I would think that they all work this way using HDMI, but I can only speak for what I have used.. My old projector (also an "InFocus" machine) worked the same way.

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