You use your camera for..

Started Jul 11, 2013 | Polls
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jazzroy1972 Regular Member • Posts: 172
You use your camera for..


I'm asking you just a simple vote below to help me in a university research.

I'm trying to understand how the market is growing, so I would like to know what's the main use of your camera: photo or video?

Thank you for you help!

Only photo
56.2% 41  votes
Mainly photo, sometimes video
42.5% 31  votes
Mainly ideo, sometimes photo
1.4% 1  vote
Only video
0.0% 0  votes
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Guy Parsons
Guy Parsons Forum Pro • Posts: 25,449
Re: You use your camera for..

jazzroy1972 wrote:


I'm asking you just a simple vote below to help me in a university research.

I'm trying to understand how the market is growing, so I would like to know what's the main use of your camera: photo or video?

Thank you for you help!

Really am a stills photographer, but may use the video once or twice a week just because it's there, not because I need it.

I always say to people who may think seriously about video to buy a proper video camera and get all the features, not some half-assed type of video that stills cameras usually provide.

Regards.... Guy

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Aleo Veuliah
Aleo Veuliah MOD Forum Pro • Posts: 14,630
Re: You use your camera for.. / Only Photo. No text.
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FrankS009 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,437
Re: You use your camera for..

Tell us a bit more about your research project please.


drcPhoto Contributing Member • Posts: 607
Re: You use your camera for..

I'd suggest a 5th choice of equal stills photography and videos.

Not to be difficult, but some us use it often for both.


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Stephen Kovac Jr Senior Member • Posts: 2,433
Re: You use your camera for..

Right on!  I use my still digital camera for still photos ONLY. I have a Panasonic tiny slim video digital camera for video.

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baxters Veteran Member • Posts: 5,067
Re: You use your camera for..

From 2011 thru the first six months of 2012, Lightroom says I have imported/saved 19728 stills and 1808 videos. So that indicates a 10% usage by file type.

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Bluephotons Veteran Member • Posts: 5,375
For both: ideos and hotos! NT

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toxinoz Regular Member • Posts: 295
Re: You use your camera for..

Please see my response on this forum to another survey. At least your survey has a clear and useful set of choices. I agree with others, though; you should tell us more about your survey, what promted it, how the results might be used.

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J White
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GeorgianBay1939 Senior Member • Posts: 3,793
Re: You use your camera for..

Stills almost all of the time.... out of habit.

I have missed outstanding video of wildlife because I am stupidly habituated to still photography.  I get so excited about PHOTOGRAPHING that deer, moose, BIF, etc that I lose my "focus" and forget that I have a great lil video camera (GH2) already pointed at the scene!!!  Photo equivalent of "buck fever."

Good example:

I was photographing a doe in the bush out of the open door of my stopped truck.  I heard the doe call, BAAAAA, and then saw this pronging deer in front of the truck.  I could've easily hit the video button instead the shutter and captured the beautiful ballet in front of my eyes.  SLOW learner, methinks.

I gotta admit, though that some kidlets really like the above and have a print in their bedrooms.


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RedDog Steve
RedDog Steve Senior Member • Posts: 1,549
Re: You use your camera for..

Does time lapse count as video or still ?
I mean, it plays back as a motion picture but it uses the resolution of still images.

In either case the majority is still photo.

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